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Clare Glens Forest Walk

Our small girl had one request for our stay in Tipperary. She really wanted to spend time in a forest! This girl is a nature lover. She loves trees and tells me confidently that if we are kind to the trees they will grant us wishes.

Clare Glens | Simply Homemade

We decided we would go to the Clare Glens Loop walk which was a 30-minute drive from our Airbnb. Research had assured me this wouldn’t be too strenuous for the smallest girl and her brother who are 7 & 8.


Clare Glens is a woodland that surrounds the banks of the Clare River which separates Tipperary and Limerick counties.


The scenery here will take your breath away. It is an oasis of calm, the only sound being the rustle of leaves and the flow of the river.

Clare Glens | Simply Homemade

Parts of the trail can be quite steep and slippy in places, we held the children’s hands in these parts. They loved it though and thought it was all quite adventurous. It was a lovely place to take them, and just so peaceful.

Clare Glens | Simply Homemade


We spent an hour and a half rambling through Clare Glens Forest and would definitely recommend it. There are two car parks on either side of the walk entrance. One has a play area, picnic tables & toilets.


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