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 I am always on the lookout for healthier snacks and treats for my children. When I read food labels I am often astounded by the amount of added sugar in so called ‘healthy’ foods marketed towards our youngest consumers. With the mild Spring weather finally adorning our shores and hopefully leading a glorious Summer, I will be looking to have cooler treats available for the children. And, without having to look to hard I may have found the ideal product.

Developed by two London based Mums, Lucy Woodhouse & Meriel Kehoe, who struggled to find healthy treats for their children, Claudi & Fin, very cutely named after their children, are one of the UK’s best loved frozen yogurt lolly brands.


One of the UK’s healthiest lolly brands, Claudi & Fin, has announced that it will launch in Ireland for the very first time, putting a healthier spin on snack time for kids across the country.

Claudi & Fin are made from Greek Style yogurt and come in two fruity flavours, Mango and Strawberry. They contain no artificial additives and are enriched with Vitamin D, which I am sure you are aware, we are not getting enough of here in Ireland. We are actually encouraged to give our smallest children a vitamin D supplement from birth.  Whilst I was a tad dismayed to see sugar on the list of ingredients, it is assuring to know that, they do contain less sugar than 75% of other lollies on the market; and these are a treat, not something my children will be eating on a daily basis.

Claudi & Fin lollies come in two delicious flavours – Mango and Strawberry,  and contain a range of healthy and wholesome ingredients including:

  •  Real fruit
  • Whole milk
  • Greek style yoghurt containing calcium, potassium and zinc
  • 30% of your child’s recommend daily intake of Vitamin D
  • Zero nasties!



My children were eager to try these lolly’s once they realised they were in the house. The first one to be tried was the mango. I wasn’t sure how this would be received as none of them will actually eat mango for me. Well they do now, in lolly form at least. They all loved them, with Harry looking for more ‘keem’ when he had finished his!

C&F Mango

Next up was the Strawberry, I tried this one too, it was delicious, so creamy, in fact I would go so far as to say it is actually nicer than some regular ice creams! The strawberry flavour tastes natural, as it should, Abbie loves strawberries but isn’t so keen on strawberry ‘flavour’ but this went down a treat with her, all of children enjoyed them.

C&F Strawberry

I love the simplistic design of the packaging, it’s inviting without being too full-on. It contains everything you need to know and Abbie in particular thought the eyes on the ice lollies were ‘cool Mommy’!


Overall I am very impressed with Claudi & Fin lollies, I will certainly purchase them for my children has a treat.

If you would like to find out more, pop over to the Claudi & Fin Website where, along with lots of valuable information, you will also find some lovely printable games for the little people in your life.

Claudi & Fin lollies are currently on sale in Super Valu & Centra stores nationwide, they are priced at a very reasonable €3.50 per box of four and available in two delicious flavours, Mango & Strawberry.

Try them, I think you’ll like them!

Disclosure: I received  samples of Claudi & Fin lollies for the purpose of this review. The thoughts expressed within this review are my own honest opinion.



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