Cooking on Gas

So the Simply Homemade kitchen is missing a vital piece of equipment at the moment. Or rather, it’s there but not working, it’s royally shagged, fecked, not fit for use, dead!

What am I talking about? My oven! Not just one, both of them. I bought my cooker 10 years ago when we were building our house. I knew what I wanted, bought it and had the kitchen built around it. It was expensive, €2000, but in my mind and probably quite naively, this was an investment and would last me a lifetime. Fast forward 10 years, one thing going after the next and we’re looking at €500 worth of repairs.

We decided as the cooker has two ovens, and one appeared to be ok still,  we’d get as long as we can out of it while putting a good deposit together for a new one.

A busy Saturday morning that resulted in soda bread that was raw in the middle, followed by cookies that wouldn’t bake, scones burned in 8 minutes and a quiche that wouldn’t cook confirmed the death of my beloved cooker. There would be no waiting. A decision had to be made and fast so with a smaller deposit than anticipated and finance in place, lots and lots of research, reading of reviews and impartial advice,  my new Rangemaster cooker is on order and should be making it’s way to my kitchen in two weeks or so.

A cream version of this will be sitting pretty in my kitchen soon!! Image credit:
A cream version of this will be sitting pretty in my kitchen soon!!
Image credit:

Needless to say, I am lost without my cooker. I bake a lot, everyday. I bake most of our bread. I bake snacks for the children, I bake for their lunch boxes; scones, muffins, flapjacks. Now, I realise I am very lucky to be able to do this, some would probably suggest my time would be better spent on housework! I would be quick to disagree.

The children are missing the home baked fayre, the smallest boy looks at me and says ‘baking cookies?’ ‘No not today darling’ And they’re are dinners. I cook a lot of stove top meals, this week I sat down to plan the meals for the week and all I could think was roasted this and baked that! The cooker is haunting me!

Once I get over the fact that I have committed to paying for this cooker for the next year, I will feel excited about it. It may even be an excuse for a little party, just to test it’s baking prowess of course!

9 thoughts on “Cooking on Gas

  1. Even me who is no culinary goddess would be lost without my oven. Hopefully you’ll be back in operation soon. That is one serious oven you’re getting. Enjoy

  2. I once broke the door off the oven of our student house (to be fair it wasn’t too far from hanging off, I just did the one too many rough openings) – lost for the four days we were without an oven until the landlord got it sorted and I wasn’t even mad into baking! However the new one looks GORGEOUS, I am very jealous (and willing to be on the goodies testing committee for the new one – clearly you will have to test all the nice things to make sure they’re just as nice in the new one)

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