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Yesterday afternoon Chloé, Caoimhe & I went to Donal Skehan’s Spar Kitchen Hero Live  Tour in the Spiegeltent in Wexford. Both girls love watching Donal’s shows and flicking through his books. I have recreated many of his recipes in the kitchen, most recently making the same chocolate cake he makes during the show, for Coimhe’s 10th birthday.

Having not been to the show last year, we didn’t know what to expect, but as fans of his tv shows, figured we were probably in for a good afternoon.

Photo credit: Spar Ireland

We weren’t wrong, from the minute Donal bounds onto the stage he is entertaining and engaging and talks…..lots. He is incredibly witty, the audience were in stitches, there were lots of #megalolz, audience participation and free food, loaves and fishes style, but free food none the less!


Over the course of the show Donal creates six dishes, including the aforementioned Chocolate cake and that wonderful staple of many irish homes, Soda Bread.

The dishes are shared amongst the audience, the girls were thrilled to sample the cake. Subtle as bricks the pair of them, ‘Taste’s the same as yours Mam, not better, just the same’ Mmm, indeed, minxes!

There are many opportunities to win spot prizes by helping Donal out in his kitchen and the show is sponsored by Spar, who have a great prize to give out to a lucky audience member.

Following the show Donal quite happily spends time signing books, smiling for endless photographs and being tagged on LOTS of selfies. He is friendly, courteous, makes as much time as he can for everybody who has queued to meet him and is a genuinely nice guy.

Chloe & Caoimhe, delighted to meet Donal Skehan

My girls have already said they are going to see him if he returns to Wexford next year and I will be more than happy to take them.

If you are looking for a highly entertaining, lighthearted show that will provide you with lots of inspiration in the kitchen and encourage your children to try new foods and even want to cook themselves, this is the show for you.

You will find tickets and a list of venues here.

If you have been to the show  & wish to recreate some of the mouth-watering delights he cooked up, all of Donal’s recipes are available on his website here.

I was not asked to write this review, it is my honest opinion of a highly entertaining show.

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