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Easter Rising 1916: Molly’s Diary; A Review

I was browsing the Eason website a while back and this book caught my eye for Caoimhe (11) who was on the lookout for something new to read. It’s very difficult to browse any website with books without purchasing isn’t it?? So, as often happens the book ‘fell’ into my shopping basket and Caoimhe was delighted.


Here she is with her review of Easter Rising 1916: Molly’s Diary by Patricia Murphy

‘Molly O’ Donovan lives across from the GPO on Sackville Street. Her Dad is head of the telephone lines, which are run from the GPO. When the Rising begins, Molly’s Mam is in Belfast and her Dad is really busy at the GPO after the Rebels have cut the telephone lines. Molly is trained in first aid and is going around Dublin bandaging wounds and helping family friend Dr. Ella Webb with among other things, removing bullets from wounds, on their ‘hospitals’.
As well as helping the wounded, Molly is also on the hunt for her brother Jack, who is part of Countess Markievicz’ Fianna. So while Molly is breaking through barricades, tending the wounded and asking questions, ‘Jack the Cat’, as her brother is known, is delivering messages to leaders.

I thought this book was amazing. It had so many twists and turns. It was really brilliant. I would highly recommend it, especially to anybody who is interested in learning more about the 1916 Rising.’



Thank you Caoimhe, it certainly sounds like a fantastic read.

I was not asked to provide a review of this book and I bought Caoimhe’s copy of Easter Rising 1916: Molly’s Diary myself. The opinions expressed are hers.She is 11 and her friends of the same age are now borrowing the book to read, the Eason website suggests it for readers ages 9-12. If you are interested in purchasing the book it is on a ‘buy one get one half price’ offer on the Eason website at the moment. Again, I was not asked to provide that information ; I just love a bargain and I’m sure you do too!



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  1. Dear Caoimhe, I am the author of Molly’s Diary and you’ve just made my day! So thrilled that you enjoyed it. Excellent synopsis too. I’m delighted that all your friends are borrowing it as well. I feel very privileged to find readers like you. Thanks, Patricia xx

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