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Easter Tree

As I mentioned in my previous post, we are making more of an effort for Easter this year. The children are off for almost three weeks so it’s nice to have different crafts to keep them from driving me crazy occupied.


One thing we apparently need is a tree! ‘Like at Christmas Mom….we have to have a tree’ Ok, the fairy says we need a tree, sure why not? A tree(ish) we shall have. When she was in playschool yesterday, Mr. Simply Homemade, the Cuddlemonster and I took to the garden and did some ‘pruning’. We (he) cut one huge big branch into smaller, more manageable ones and I quite simply stood them in the vase! Not difficult and really rather pretty.



When the fairy came home, I had some decorations I had picked up in Lidl all ready to go on the tree.



Her initial reaction however was one of dismay! ‘Eh Mom, where are the leaves? Trees are supposed to have leaves you know!’ A quick explanation of long winter, late spring, easter decorations in place of leaves and the wobbly lip was smiling again and we had a happy fairy eager to adorn her ‘tree’



We love it! I was reluctant, I’ve never been a mad fan of Easter, the chocolate yes, naturally but the occasion itself, no. However this modern decorative occasion I can quite happily live with. It’s sunny, it’s cheerful and it brings an air of calm. I sense the beginning of some new traditions in the Simply Homemade home!

I was not asked to mention Lidl or any of their products in this post, I am however happy to share where I purchase items that are good value and I feel may be of interest to my readers.

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  1. This is so lovely Nicola! My mam has a gorgeous Easter tree, no idea where she got it but zi want one of my own. I picked up some decorations in Deal, now I just need the tree and you’ve inspired me to find some twigs for it 🙂

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