With our two smallest people at the ages they’re at, 2 & 3, we find the easiest afternoons out with them are those where they are not confined to the car too long, or transferred from the car to their buggies but instead walking & running free(ish); and lets face it, it is the best sort of afternoon for them, outdoors, breathing in fresh air and having madcap imaginative adventures.


If you live outside Wexford it is quite possible you may not have heard of Edenvale, which is situated just outside the village of Castlebridge. It is a lovely forest walk that runs alongside the River Sow.


The serene trickling of the water is the only sound audible sound until you near the pump house which resides near the waterfall.


There are a myriad of little streams, and trails into the woods along the walk; the older kids love venturing up one path, rambling through the trees and running down another path.


Edenvale is a very popular walk for a lot of people and it is unusual to see the small parking area at the entrance gate empty.

Adventures in the woods!

The area is steeped in history which you can read about here, it may well shock you to discover the goings on in this place of natural beauty!


While it is possible to walk right around Edenvale, we chose to turn back at the waterfall as this area has steps which get extremely slippy and while Caoimhe and Jack would have been well able for them, I didn’t feel it was safe enough for Abbie and Harry.


If you are visiting Wexford and looking for a peaceful walking trail, do pay a visit to the lovely Edenvale.



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