Elf on the Shelf…..Guess Who’s Back!

Love it or loathe it, Elf on the Shelf has become a huge phenomenon. If like me, you were daft enough to jump aboard the Elf train, this is the time you may (or may not) wonder occasionally; ‘What will I do with that feckin’ Elf this year?’

With that in mind, I have compiled a selection of ideas from the high jinx our Elf, Jingles and his sidekick, Tallulah the reindeer have gotten up to over the last few years.

The Elf Years

A simple hello from Jingles as he eases us into mornings of mystery and mayhem with his presence.

The Elf Selfie….taken by Elves worldwide I’m sure.


Jingles took a marker to our breakfast eggs. I’m not sure ‘eggcited’ was how I felt, but the children found it very funny.


On one particular night, Jingles got very ambitious indeed. We discovered him zip-lining across the sitting room when we came downstairs. The children were gobsmacked, the parents (us) gave each other an invisible high five.


I think Jingles makes a snow angel every year. It’s a handy one to pull from the bag when one’s mind is drawing a blank!


That time Jingles raided the treats to count the sleeps to Christmas. The children felt they had no choice but to eat the sweets with breakfast. I’m sure their teachrs were overjoyed that day!


Don’t his eyes look somewhat menacing as he peeks from his hiding place? This innocent game of hide & seek is enough to send shivers down your spine!


Perhaps I was right to be wary. Things took a sinister turn when Jingles was found in the angels dress. It wasn’t him wearing a dress we had an issue with, it was him holding the head of the angel!!!


From the demented to the delightful. When Jingles left the children a saucer with a circle of skittles, the children were somewhat puzzled. That was until they took the time to read the instructions. We poured a small amount of hot water into the centre of the saucer and watched in awe as a rainbow appeared. Magic!


Tallulah, Jingles’ reindeer arrived with him a couple of years ago. My guess is that Santa needed an eye kept on the mischievous elf. There was a definite improvement in elf behaviour and we were gifted some lovely art from the duo.

Keep Going, There’s Lots More…….


Elves and reindeer have incredibly sweet teeth! This is what happens when the treats aren’t put away!


When Jingles has been up to mischief, he often redeems himself in a most charming way. The morning he cooked breakfast for the children was no exception. Elf doughnuts, elf pancakes, and teeny little elf muffins awaited the children at the kitchen table.

Gotcha!! Woody & Jesse turned on Jingles and Tallulah in spectacular fashion. Pinning the poor reindeer to the floor and trapping Jingles in a jar. These two meant business. Poor Jingles suffered wicked leg cramps for days!!

Elf Car 1
Elf Car 2

One particular morning, Jingles couldn’t be found. Tallulah had the answer to the mystery. The little elf had never been in a car. We found him, seat belt on, ready to go. (And for those of you wondering, yes, my poor husband did have to bring an elf and two very excited little children for a drive!)

The artwork continues in earnest, with Jingles & Tallulah leaving self portraits for us.

They had a cracking time when they found the children’s Christmas crackers! Tallulah didn’t seem to find the joke funny though.

Just hear those sleigh bells! We figured Jingles may have been feeling homesick, and so wanted to have a little sleigh ride. I’m not sure how well that worked out for him.

Nothing says winter like roasting marshallows on a tealight.

And nothing says Christmas in Ireland like marking the films you wish to watch in the Christmas RTÉ Guide. Jingles & Tallulah really have fit into Irish homelife.

We were very impressed at how well Jingles minds Tallulah. One morning we got up just as he was feeding the reindeer her own special food.

Here they are, picking out their favourite Christmas movies.

Jingles & Tallulah seemed overwhelmed when they met the Carrot family. When Jingles got to hold the baby, I’m sure we could see tears in those eyes (think moving statues 1985 moment)

Still More To Come….

I must admit, we felt incredibly sad for Jingles on this particular occasion. He brought his pal, Cyril the Snowman back to say hello. It didn’t end well for Cyril.

Suffering at the loss of Cyril, Jingles and Tallulah found more friends, sort of. They transformed my bananas into minions!

Oh dear. We discovered Tallulah may like chocolate, but chocolate does not agree with her. She pooped on the bookshelf following a midnight feast.

The kindly pair invited Lottie for card night. I’m assured they were playing for fun and not up to anything untoward.

After the spin in the car, Jingles next mission was a train ride. Hopefully, this train is enough to keep him happy.

A disgruntled Lego man who’d been watching the fun Jingles & Tallulah were having trapped Jingles in a jar. We think he may have been a little green-eyed Lego Man.

I do hope some of these ideas inspire you on your quest to entertain your children and drive yourself bonkers throughout December. Also, if you have any ideas to share, please do. Tag me on Facebook or Instagram. I need to get my own Elf game on! Happy Festive Season to you!


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