Engagement Goodie Bag

My sister recently got engaged! We’re all thrilled, it’s very exciting planning a wedding.

I had recently read this post on Lisa’s Wedding World and thought it would be nice to put an Engagement Goodie Bag together to give her at the engagement party. I love doing things like this, they can be as funny, personal, sentimental as you like and make a wonderful gift.

So, what do you put in an Engagement Goodie Bag? I had a few ideas, then I had a chat with friends who inspired the rest (thank you ladies!) Here’s what I went with.


I had Caoimhe draw a picture to go on the front of the bag. I wrote out a list of the contents (no printer!) and rolled it and tied it so it resembled a scroll, this was attached to the handles and would be looked at before diving in to see what goodies lay inside.

Goodie bag




As you can see, I had a little something for them both inside the goodie bad. The little something was a book I had put together for them with a little help from their family and friends. Read a little more about that in my next post.


I really enjoyed putting this together, it made a nice change from children’s party bags!


Have you ever put goodie bags together for a special occasion? If so what did you put in them?


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