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Fairy Garden

Abbie & Caoimhe love fairies. Abbie thinks believes she is a fairy. In her defence, most people have referred to her has a fairy since the day she was born.



Herself and Caoimhe have two fairy doors in their bedroom and are often visited by Abigail and Holly, their fairy friends. They exchange notes on a regular basis and are very well informed of the goings on in each others lives.



Caoimhe decided it would be a lovely idea to extend the fairy welcome out to the garden, perhaps Abigail & Holly would holiday there or more fairies would come and visit. Super idea! Pinterest was scoured for ideas, some very ambitious ideas. This is what we came up with, not quite up to Pinterest standards, but we had fun none the less.We decided to start small, just adding a few things initially.


We have no shortage of twigs in the garden and the twine was lurking in the back of the press. These were used to make the ladder, the washing line and the swing; we ‘found’ an old car tyre for that too!! The fairy doors were made from lolly sticks (these can be bought in post shops like Mr. Price or Dealz). They had made more than two but Harry got them and well, they didn’t survive well. Jack had initially made a Wexford door, so the Fairies would know where they are, that idea had to be altered following Harry Cuddlemonster’s antics. When it came to choosing a spot in the garden to place the Fairy Garden, it was simple, we are very lucky to have two huge big trees in our front garden, with a little stone wall so the one closest to the house provides the perfect location for the fairies to convene.


We added the little fairy furniture at the bottom of the big tree, it blends in well, so well it’s barely visible in the photo’s….now that’s magic!!


We had this little wooden butterfly left from a bunch of flowers from Aldi (I knew the little guy would come in handy one day!) He’s sitting happily watching over the little fairy garden.


Caoimhe & Abbie are thrilled with their efforts and once dressed in her sparkly dress, with her wings and her wand, our Fairy Abbie was casting spells galore from the magic of the Fairy Garden.


5 thoughts on “Fairy Garden

  1. I have been talking about making a fairy garden for a long, long time… We have a fairy flower pot… Much lower standards than your garden 😀 Now that we are moving, I must make a fairy garden a priority for MY little fairies!

    1. They’ll love that Emily 🙂 I’m not too sure ours is of a very high standard at all but the girls had great fun making it lol! We did see fairy flower pots on pinterest, they’re lovely, I’m sure yours is fab! xx

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