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Our Favourite Christmas Books

The books in the reading corner are changed regularly throughout the year. As soon as December rolls around a large collection of Christmas themed books take up residence. I sat with Abbie & Harry over the weekend and they showed me their favourites from the selection.

The Gift of Christmas – A Treasury of Festive Stories

This book comprises six festive themed tales.

I’ve Seen Santa by David Bedford – This is Harry’s favourite from this book. A Little Bear is super excited on Christmas Eve. A charming little story with lovely illustrations.

Careful Santa by Julie Sykes (author) Tim Warnes (illustrator) – It’s a very windy Christmas Eve, Santa has to battle the elements to get going and deliver those presents on time.

Laura’s Christmas Star by Klaus Baumgart – You may be familiar with Laura’s Star, well this is Laura’s Christmas star. Travel plans come undone for Laura’s family at Christmas so with the help of her special star Laura makes Christmas special again.

Ridiculous by Michael Coleman – Shelley the Tortoise isn’t tired, she wants to see what winter is like, but a tortoise outside in winter is surely ridiculous?

Bless You Santa by Julie Sykes (author) Tim Warnes (illustrator) – Santa has a cold before Christmas, his little friends rally round to help while he rests so he is well again in time for Christmas.

The Gift of Christmas by Christine Leeson – It is Molly Mouse’s first Christmas and she wants a Christmas tree. She gathers her brothers and sisters and they go on quite the adventure to make a Christmas tree wish come true.

Snow What Fun by Cheryl Hawkinson

Written in the same verse as The Night Before Christmas, this playful rhyme details what happens when the snow folk come to life on Christmas Eve.

Adam Saves Christmas by Benji Bennett

Benji Bennett’s ‘Adam’ books are pretty special, they are written in memory of his own little boy and a percentage of sales go to charity. These books also very good and the illustrations are stunning. Adam visits the North Pole to hand deliver his letter to Santa but when he gets there he learns there is not enough Christmas magic for Rudolph to fly!Will magic and friendship be enough to help Adam save Christmas?

The Very Snowy Christmas by Diana Hendry & Jane Chapman

Big Mouse and Little Mouse are getting ready for Christmas. Little Mouse needs to get some holly for the Christmas tree. He’s searching for holly when the sky comes undone! As the sky continues t come undone, his world turns white and strange things happen! A lovely little heartwarming tale.

The Christmas Hat by A.J. Wood (Illustrated by Maggie Kneen)

One of Harry’s favourites; the illustrations in this book are beautiful. A snow white fluffy owl, friends who care for him and a beautiful red hat for Christmas. This is a truly lovely little tale of friendship and the importance of looking out for one another. It is a delight to read to the children and they love listening to it.

The Snowman and the Christmas Fairies by Rachel Williams (Illustrated by Kim Martin)

As Christmas cheer embraces the world, a downhearted Snowman is all alone in the forest. His acts of kindness are quickly rewarded by the animals of the forest and the Christmas Fairies. Abbie has a real fondness for this book. Both the story and the illustrations are beautiful.

Christmas in Wexford by Gillian Duggan White & Robert Duggan White

This was added to our collection this year. Santa has a stowaway! A young boy from Wexford tow. The children love this, recognising names and places from Wexford.

Jolly Old Santa Claus by Maryjane Hooper Tonn

Abbie loves this story, I must say I have quite the soft spot for it myself. Santa receives a letter from a little boy wondering if the North Pole is busy. Then we are taken on a tour to see all that is happening. Beautiful illustrations dominate this tale that takes us through the kitchens, the toy room, Santa’s office and even Santa’s Christmas Eve journey. A must-have for your Christmas book collection.

The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore 

This really doesn’t need an introduction. I’ve been reading this every Christmas Eve since my eldest was a baby. I love it, the children love it.

What are your ‘must have’ Christmas books for children?


Disclaimer: All of these books were paid for by myself and I was not asked to review any of them.


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