February/March 2019~Books I Read

I went through a bit of a reading slump during the last couple of months. There’s been a lot on, so I struggled to make time for it. However, I did read some good books.


The Hopes & Dreams of Lucy Baker by Jenni Keer

Lucy is 25, Brenda is 79. They are next door neighbours and best of friends. An unlikely pairing you may think but as you delve into the pages it soon becomes apparent how special the relationship between the two women really is.
Lucy starts to worry for her dear friend when she notices little things not quite right. When Brenda is diagnosed with dementia, she has one desire before her memories leave her for good. She wants to see Lucy find love and be happy.
This is beautifully written and contains a little touch of magic. It has some hilarious one-liners, explores relationships between generations and is just incredibly heartwarming.

A full review of The Hopes & Dreams of Lucy Baker can be read here.

On Living by Kerry Egan

Dancing More, Working Less and Other Last Thoughts

Kerry Egan is a Hospice Chaplain. This book is compiled of stories she has heard from people in their final days. One would be forgiven for assuming this is a book about death, but it really isn’t.
It’s a book about living, about experiences, regrets, feelings and everything in between. If I had one word to describe it, it would be perspective. It’s a book that makes you think.

The Family Secret by Tracy Buchanan

A NetGalley Review

In the present day, Amber is doing her best. She lost her child ten years ago, her marriage broke down, she is trying to run a seasonal business under the watchful eye of her Mother & Auntie. Amber is trying to live, When a young girl, who has suffered some kind of trauma, appears on the beach near her shop. The girl has no idea who she is or where she has come from.  Amber takes it upon herself to help her which leads her on a journey of her own.
We go back to the nineties with Gwyneth. She is a well-travelled wildlife documentary maker. When she has an accident in the Scottish Highlands at Christmas, she is rescued by Dylan McClusky. The McClusky family welcome her into their home and she becomes part of their lives. Will she ever learn of the family secret that bubbles under the seemingly happy surface within the McClusky family.
This book is full of twists and turns, heartache and adventure. I didn’t see the outcome coming at all. I loved it.

The Man I Fell In Love With by Kate Field

A NetGalley Review

Mary Black’s contented life is no more. Her husband of twenty years has left her, for another man. While their marriage may be over, Mary is determined to keep a good relationship with her husband, for the sake of their children and Leo’s career. They have worked for years on a project very close to their hearts. Some would say, Mary has done all the work and Leo taken all the credit.
When Leo’s brother Ethan returns home, it’s clear there is a very strong bond between the two. He cares deeply for Mary and is tired of watching people walk all over her.
Another branch in this book is Mary’s relationship with her Mother and the mysterious disappearance of her father. The outcome of this was just a little too far fetched for me.
I found this book frustrating. Leo was such a selfish character. He brought out such a rage in me. He treated Mary abysmally and she was just so accepting!

The Forgotten Secret by Kathleen McGurl

A NetGalley Review

Clare Farrell has inherited a house in Ireland. The old farmhouse provides her with the perfect opportunity to escape her unhappy marriage and build a new, happy life for herself.
The house is in much need of repair and as she makes a start Clare uncovers some mysterious items which bring us back to a different era.
In 1919, Ellen O’ Brien has her whole life ahead of her. She has her first job and she has found love with Jimmy. However, it is a volatile time in Ireland. A time where love and loyalty are put to extreme tests.
I enjoyed this book for the most part. Ireland’s history was extremely well researched. I was somewhat overwhelmed with the ending though, I think I expected just a little more from it.

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