February Reads

I didn’t get as much reading done this month as I did in January. It wasn’t too bad though, although I have a book my children gave me at Christmas still sitting unread! That is mainly because I haven’t been reading until night time, on the iPad; I should really take 10-15 minutes time out during the day and get lost in the pages.

Another Day Gone – Eliza Graham


Sara is caught up in the 7/7 London bombings. She returns Thames End House, her family home. The home that is the very heart of this novel that spans 60 years and a lot of heartaches. We learn of the tragedy, Bridie, Sara’s beloved nanny has endured in her life. Sara’s sister Polly has returned to Thames End House, having been missing for 10 years. Where has she been? Why return now?

I really enjoyed this book, there were lots of twists & turns, fierce loyalty and family secrets buried very, very deep. This was the first Eliza Graham novel I have read, I will definitely read some more.

A Love Like This – Maria Duffy


William & Donna are born in the same hospital, on the same day in Dublin 1985. Obviously, from the very start, we know that they are destined to be together. This isn’t a spoiler, it’s completely obvious from the outset.

Their lives are polar opposites with William, on only child, growing up with his wealthy, well to do parents. Donna, on the other hand, lives with her sister and their alcoholic mother. Tragedy strikes for both William & Donna which leads to them both taking different directions in their lives. Will fate bring these two together??

I have to be honest, I wasn’t blown away with this book. It took me ages to read it, finding it hard to really get into it. I thought it dragged on all through the middle and then by the end it felt like a rush to get it finished. Not for me.

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all of the books I mention in these monthly posts are bought and paid for by myself.

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