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My very lovely blogging friend Kate over at Kate Takes 5 is celebrating two major milestones; 6 years blogging and hitting over 1 million views!! Congratulations Kate, what fantastic achievements.

Listography was a linky Kate ran every week cataloguing all of her favourite things. She has resurrected it for a special one-off  and invited her fellow blogger to share five favourite posts.

This actually took longer than I expected it to, there are a lot of posts to go through. I had a list with more than 5, but for today anyway, these are the ones that have made the post!

A Good News Cake

For my first post I’ve gone all the way back to 2011. I haven’t chosen this post for the recipe or the shockingly bad photos; I have chosen this post because it marks such a change in our lives. It was the beginning of more than a two year break away from my blog. It was such a happy, happy time. I probably should go back and make that cake again, tidy up the post but would it hold the same significance if I did that? Probably not, some things are best left alone. (Despite the photo’s I’m pretty sure the cake was nice though!)

Afternoon Tea with Friends

What does one get from blogging? A chance to write, to document the things you love, to share your thoughts and opinions on various topics that matter to you, to engage with people from all walks of life all across the blogging spectrum and to make friends. This is why I chose this post, friendship.

Through the Eyes of a Child

One may be forgiven in thinking this post is my way of justifying the wilderness that is my garden, it isn’t – honest! – it’s simply perspective.

A Healthy Start – #betterbreakfasts

This was not only the first linky I ever hosted but it was also much more of a personal mission to make changes for the better at home. It was something that was happening for a long time in the background before it ever became public and the support and feedback that has come from it has been something else. From the bloggers who got involved sharing their wisdom and recipes to the feedback that I still receive now. I have to admit, it’s one I am very proud of.

Body Positive – A Personal Journey

This post sat in my drafts folder for a long time. It was emotional, extremely personal, therapeutic and difficult to write. I was so nervous about publishing it but when I did I received nothing only support. I was not and am not alone but together we will all get there.

Body Positivity (1)

I can’t finish this post without saying thank you to all of you; for reading, commenting, engaging with me across all social media channels and most of all your support. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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