The Great Irish Olaf Frozen Noisy Girly Sleepover!

Last night saw the tween celebrate her forthcoming 10th birthday with a nod to Frozen themed sleepover. Now this was not something she just decided on last minute, oh no, this sleepover has been planned since August…..yes, you did read that right……..August! Our Caoimhe likes to be organised.

She was inviting her four besties, they would all sleep in the sitting room in sleeping bags, ‘What about me?’ ‘Sure can’t you spend the evening in the kitchen Mam?’ Naturally……..

And that folks, is exactly what happened! I was banished from the sitting room when her friends arrived, even my little fairy Abbie, declared, ‘No Mammy, you’re not allowed in here!’

‘Olaf Arms’
‘Mr Marshmallows’

The girls did join me in the kitchen for a while, they had to really, I was their waitress, the one at their beck and call. I supplied the snacks that Caoimhe had requested and named in honour of the movie that still seems to be of the moment, Frozen. There was Olaf Arms (pretzels), Snowflakes (shortbread), Mr. Marshmallows,  Elsa’s Magical Moments (blue & yellow smarties),

'Elsa's Magical Moments'
‘Elsa’s Magical Moments’

Snowballs (coconut balls) and the drink of choice was the Kristoff’s Ice Cocktail (Sprite with blue ice cubes)


Imagination may be required for the full effect of these snacks, but believe me, imagination is plentiful when you’re ten!

'Kristoff's Ice'
‘Kristoff’s Ice’

They had a little game entitled ‘The Great Irish Olaf’. The girls all made fondant Olafs, lined them up to be photgraphed and played pass the parcel waited with bated breath for the winner to be annouced. Two of my friends, Marguerite, from Savage Cakes, and Tracy, from Tracy’s Cakes; spent many tense minutes studying photographs of the Olaf’s online before declaring Number 5 the lucky winner. They were highly impressed with the girls efforts, in particular Little Miss Abbie’s ‘abstract’ version of the optimistic snowman.

The Great Irish Olaf

Can you guess which ‘abstract’ Olaf Little Miss Abbie created?

The cake was chocolate, mouthwatering, deliciously moist chocolate cake (Can you guess I had a piece?), the recipe can be found here. It’s gluten free so perfect for everyone! I covered it with a vanilla buttercream, then a layer of blue fondant, added some snowflakes and had a dodgy looking Olaf (who refused to stand) lying proudly on top of it, dreaming of Summer. Caoimhe absolutely loved it, and declared it her best cake ever. I was delighted, wallowed in the praise and then recalled her saying the same thing last year! It’s clearly just somethng she says.

Happy Birthday Caoimhe

Following the blowing out of the candles, the girls disappeared to the sitting room again with Little Miss Abbie in tow for a little while. And that was it I heard no more from them until 9am this morning……………..yeah right! The minxes danced and giggled, jumped and shouted, went from quiet to loud, until 5am this morning when sleep finally caught up with them. Needless to say we are all exhausted today, but they had great fun and that is the main thing.

My beautiful birthday girl

They are a great bunch, they’ve been best friends since junior infants, they look out for each other and it’s a lovely friendship to watch, with them growing closer all of the time.

'Having a blast :) '
‘Having a blast 🙂 ‘

I was also struck, as I have been many times, at the relationship between Caoimhe and Abbie, there’s 7 1/2 years between them, but they are like peas in a pod. Caoimhe included Abbie in every aspect of her sleepover and the other girls were all super with her, at no point was she left out. I hope these two continue on as close as they are now. Sisters can make the bestest friends.

Now Im off to pour some wine!

7 thoughts on “The Great Irish Olaf Frozen Noisy Girly Sleepover!

  1. Sounds like great fun. It is lovely to see friendships that last, hopefully they will be friends for life. As someone who counts my 2 sisters as my best friends I totally get your enjoyment at seeing your girls bond so well x

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