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Netflix has been my saviour this week, it really has. Its been a long hard week. 4 out of the 7 of us have been unwell, we had ‘that dose’ that’s been going around. It is woeful. Think high temperatures, sinus pain, nausea that can only be likened to sea sickness, coughs, sneezes galore and snot…..lots of snot. My poor Cuddlemonster is really suffering, he’s had an attack of croup with a side helping of chest infection. My poor little boy. If your not familiar with croup, count yourself lucky, our eldest boy has had it every winter bar 2 in almost 10 years. This is Harry’s third attack, it’s quite unusual I think to get it this time of the year, but he did, two nights running. The home remedies (steaming or cold air, keeping him upright & calm)  weren’t enough, he sounded like Darth Vader during the day as well. Our GP was over run with appointments but she made time to see him and confirmed what I suspected, he needed steroids along with an antibiotic for the infection he was brewing.


I stayed downstairs with him Tuesday night, we had around 45 minutes sleep in total for the whole night. Instead of sleeping we watched lots of  Netflix, as you do,  and we had an abundance of cuddles. Harry was delighted to have full control of  our viewing content so we got to see full season of Elias, now there’s a catchy little theme tune!!


We also watched Cars 2-again, the ending hasn’t changed!! Netflix has actually been on continuously now for the week. We’ve seen loads, some things we could act the little people have seen them so often, but it doesn’t matter, they’re ill and its bringing great comfort & distraction. Cinderella & Pinocchio have been watched by Abbie & Harry and re introduced to Caoimhe & Jack, we have all watched the lovely Tinkerbell in The Secret of the Wings.



Strawberry Shortcake and Winnie the Pooh have also joined the party, Winnie the Pooh and his pals never get tiresome really do they? My eldest loved Winnie and co as much as the youngest two do now.



I really am hopeful that after today we are going to turn a corner and be back to full health again, as is poor Jack, he was fortunate enough not to be struck down, however he is itching to watch some of the old classics that have recently started streaming on Netflix, but fear of upsetting the patients has meant he has had to show some restraint!

Inspector Gadget! Now streaming on Netflix
Inspector Gadget!
Now streaming on Netflix


Danger Mouse No Streaming on Netflix!
Danger Mouse Now Streaming on Netflix!

A couple of weeks ago we made the decision to cancel our Sky subscription after more than 13 years, overall we watch a lot less tv than we used to and when we do watch, more often than not, it’s something on Netflix we choose to view. Mr. Simply Homemade wondered early in the week if being confined to the house with poorly children looking for entertainment meant we would miss Sky and do you know something, we didn’t!


As a member of the Netflix Stream Team I have received a complimentary one year Netflix membership along with an Apple Tv. I will in turn be featuring Netflix related blog posts. All opinions are my own!


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