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It’s no secret we are massive Glenisk fans in the Simply Homemade home, so I am delighted to bring you news of a super competition they have just launched. Glenisk are looking for a baby to feature on their new range of Organic No-Added Sugar Baby Yogurts and I have all the details for you.


Karen Koster launched the Glenisk #SweetBaby Search in Dublin City Centre with a little help from Indie Osadebe, Jamie O’Sullivan and Abby Barry.

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 Glenisk, best known for their award-winning natural yogurt range, is searching for a baby to be featured on the family dairy’s new range of Organic No-Added-Sugar Baby Yogurts. The winning baby will also win €1,000, a professional photo-shoot and a Glenisk & Tesco Loves Baby Goodie bag.

 Speaking about her partnership with Glenisk, Karen Koster commented,

“Every baby is beautiful. I can vouch for the fact that we all love showing off our babies and rightly so. I think parents will love getting involved with this fun competition from Glenisk, all those pictures taken on phones and tablets might pay off! I have always been a fan of Glenisk. As a mum myself I understand that trusting a brand is invaluable and I’m delighted that they have developed the sugar-free baby range”. 


 Parents and guardians who are interested in entering their pictures to the competition should log onto, where entry requires uploading a picture of their baby and filling in the application form.  

 The competition will run from 20th March – 21st April 2017, and babies need to be aged between 6-18 months old (winning entry will need to be available in Dublin on 12th-13th May 2017, winner will be announced on 2nd May 2017.)

The new range of Baby Yogurts, suitable from 6 months onwards, has been developed with absolutely no added sugar and nothing artificial because Glenisk believes that our babies are sweet enough and should not have their palates conditioned towards sugar in childhood and especially during the critical weaning phase of development.

Aveen Bannon, Registered Dietician comments,

“Introducing solids into your baby’s diet is a vital step in ensuring all their nutritional needs are met, therefore allowing adequate growth and development. The weaning period is seen as a ‘window of opportunity’ in that a variety of foods can be offered along with different tastes, textures, flavours along with rougher food consistencies in the later stages. Chose a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables to start with and include iron rich meats, calcium rich yogurts, omega-3 rich fish. Chose naturally nutritious foods without added sugars or salt. Understanding the difference between natural and added sugars is important. Natural sugars are those that occur naturally in the food. e.g. lactose is the natural sugar found in milk and yogurt,  fructose is the natural sugar in fruit and vegetables. These foods are important in a babies diet and offer lots of other nutritional benefits.”


As part of the competition, Glenisk will run a series of in-store tastings with the Tesco Loves Baby Club.

Glenisk is Ireland’s best-loved yogurt brand. Based just outside Tullamore, this family business celebrates 30 years and is known for its award-winning organic yogurt range and high protein Greek offering.

Disclaimer: Glenisk is a brand that I buy regularly, weekly in fact, I have not received anything from Glenisk for sharing this information with you, I am happy to share information about products that I buy myself and would therefore happily recommend. All photos in this post are courtesy of Glenisk.


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