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Good 4 U Snack Review

I am always on the look out for healthy options for the kid’s lunchboxes. I do bake the majority of what goes into them along with fruit and as my daughter would say, the savoury option.  However the day often arrives (usually Tuesday or Wednesday) when the fruit bowl is empty and I can’t get to the shop to replenish it until Thursday.  For those days, these Good4U Super Bites are perfect.


I confess, I spotted these as I was doing my Tesco shop online during the Summer months and bought them for my younger two, telling them they were sweets. They loved them and they have indulged in a packet of these ‘sweets’ almost every week since. They enjoy them and I indulge in a smug mother moment.


It can be very difficult to find something in the supermarket that is lunchbox friendly,  imagehealthy and appealing to children. These however fit the bill perfectly here. They have a deliciously soft texture, are small enough for young children, are full of natural energy boosting ingredients and are free from nuts, gluten, dairy, wheat, added sugar and syrups. All 5 of my children from the 16 year old down to the 3 year old love them (and I may have had a packet or two as well!)

What I absolutely love about Good4U too is that they are an Irish, family run company who’s story began in 2004. The Butler family have combined their passion, expertise, knowledge, determination and shared vision to develop a brand that will for sure help improve the health of our nation. Good4U put nutrition, health and well being at the top of the agenda with the consumer at the very heart of everything they do.

I think there is a shift in how people are looking at sugary treats and are cutting back on how often they are given to children. With healthy products such as these Super Bites appearing on our shelves, it should, and will I believe, make that change easier.

Perfect movie snacks!

Super Bites Kids is the latest range from the Irish brand, best known for its roasted seeds and fresh sprout products. Passionate about healthy snacking and clean ingredients, Good4U supply high quality products with real integrity and proven health benefits to more than 4000 retailers across the globe.


Good4U can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and they have a very good website here,  which I recommend you check out too.

I received some complimentary Super Bites from Good4U however I have been buying them myself for the last while and will continue to do so.

6 thoughts on “Good 4 U Snack Review

  1. They sounds very lunch box friendly, I always love having something on hand for those days where the cupboards are getting bare and the kids want something different. I’ll check them out, thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Yeah, I too am constantly on the lookout for healthy lunchbox snacks, cool enough for a teenager! These sound great, but I may not get away with them! I did find mini packs of dark chocolate topped corn and rice cakes in M & S today that seem ‘acceptable’ 😉

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