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Halloween-Autumn Crafts

My seven year old daughter informed me that we didn’t have enough Halloween decorations. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about the endless amounts of plastic Halloween tat that has been increasingly appearing in the shops. Each to their own but I don’t want it, it isn’t going to last and therefore, to me, it is waste before it comes home.

I am not adverse to Autumn decor at all, I adore Autumn. Pumpkins and pine cones are wonderful decorations. All natural and pine cones will last forever! With all of that in mind, and not wanting to disappoint the little people in my life, I gathered what we needed for a crafty afternoon making our own Halloween/Autumn decorations.

What We Used

  • Various different Yarns – all from my stash
  • Plain wreath – €1.50 in Dealz
  • Pom Pom Makers – in my craft box
  • Twigs – from the garden
  • Scissors – in my craft box
  • Half a pipe cleaner and glue stick – in the children’s craft box
  • Twine & Autumn leaf & berries – in my craft box, kept from packaging.
  • A black sharpie (any marker will do)



A few people have asked via Instagram how I make my pom poms. I purchased pom pom makers in Home Focus some time ago and they are the bees knees!

What We Made

Ghoulish Garland 

This is super easy and pretty quick (once the pom poms are made).

The children have discovered they quite enjoy making pom poms, so the took turns in making pom poms, one would make one, the other would trim it. I made some ghostly tassels for them. I simply wrapped some yarn around my phone lengthways. Then, I slid the yarn off, cut it at one end, tied another piece of yarn around the middle and another approximately a third of the way down the centre fold. The children added black eyes using a sharpie.

We had black pom poms to represent spiders. The children felt they needed ‘scary eyes’, so we cut small pieces of red pipe cleaner and stuck them in using a little glue.

The tassels and pom poms were all tied to a length of black yarn and just like that, a ghoulish garland was ready to hang, the children were chuffed and ready to make something else!

Seasonal Wreath

I picked up this wreath to add to my craft supplies a couple of weeks ago, they’re a great addition to any craft kit and at €1.50 a complete bargain (not an ad!!)


I had the twine, leaf and berries already because I am one of those people who keeps bits and bobs from packaging with crafting in mind. So we swapped out the hanging ribbon for twine, added pom poms and the leaf embellishment and voila! My girl created the lay out and chose the pom poms, she did a great job I think.

Pom Pom Bouquet

This, I think, is our favourite, and it was so simple to do. We gathered twigs from the garden and made more pom poms.


While the small boy trimmed pom poms, the small girl tied them to the twigs and then we added them to a vase. Super simple and very rewarding.

We had a lovely couple of creative hours, the children to be fair, did most of the work. I did all of the cleaning up. Don’t be under the illusion that this was a task where patience weren’t required, believe me, they really were! That, in our home certainly, is par for the course.

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One thought on “Halloween-Autumn Crafts

  1. Looks great, wonderful to have Halloween pompoms – they are so fun to make. As childre we would have just used a cardboard donut shape to make them that cut be easily cut off/ torn off in the end. Like you a lot of the Halloween decoration really annoy me, especially those plastic cobwebs that creep up everywhere…

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