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Hallway Makeover

The Simply Homemade Hallway received a much needed makeover, making it now a warm pleasing space for everyone who is welcomed in our home.


Our hallway was long overdue a makeover. Actually, most of the house is!! I had great intentions a couple of years ago. We painted most of the rooms white, bringing it back to basics. The plan was to leave each room a blank canvas until inspiration came from somewhere. Then life happened and the walls stayed white.


Back in January, I decided I would buy wallpaper for our bedroom in the sales. I found a lovely wallpaper on Wallpaper Direct, but while I was looking, another caught my eye. I decided to order a sample, just to see what it was really like. The sample arrived and I loved it. I had to buy the paper. We planned to use it in either the sitting room or hallway. The hallway won. So, we had the paper, next up we needed the paint.

Adorn by Arthouse, Wallpaper Direct. Click Image for more info

A couple of months with the sample hanging on the wall & I still couldn’t decide what I wanted for the other walls. I’m naturally drawn to pink, but I thought perhaps blue would be nice too. Mr Simply Homemade was drawn to blue as well. Then what would we do with the woodwork? What shade of blue would we use? We just couldn’t decide.

I’d been following the Carlow Paint Hub on Instagram. They really seem to know their stuff and are very informative about their products. We had a trip to Ikea planned and decided we would visit the Paint Hub on the way home. We got coffee & great advice from Sandra there and came home armed with our paint.


Let the Makeover Commence

The sun came out then and we spent a few weeks working in the garden. Then we’d waited long enough and we finally got to work.

The stairs having been sanded

I started by sanding the stairs. It had been painted previously and in a moment of madness one day I painted the handrail with chalk paint. Word of advice, don’t ever do that! Once it was sanded, I washed it down, left it overnight and wiped it down again the next day to remove any more dust that had settled.

Painting underway using Tikkurila from The Paint Hub, Carlow

With the sanding done, it was onto the ceiling and walls. Mr Simply Homemade did most of the ceiling, while I started the walls. With Sandra’s help, we had gone for a really rich blue colour from Tikkurila. I poured it into my Ezee Tray and was delighted applying it to the walls, it is gorgeous. I was mad keen to get started on the stairs so while Mr S/H took over the higher parts of the walls I made a start.


ezee tray
Ezee Kettle


Painting the stairs

As the stairs had been primed and painted previously, the sanding was enough, there was no need for primer this time. Along with Tikkurila paint, I used Two Fussy Blokes semi-smooth roller, which had been kindly gifted to me some time ago from Irish duo, Butler and Dunne.

Aside from the steps, all of the stairs would be painted a warm off white colour, Coconut. With the exception of particularly awkward nooks, this was all done with the Two Fussy Blokes roller. The stairs took two coats, except for where I’d used the chalk paint, that took three. The doors, architrave and skirtings were all painted Coconut too.

I painted the steps grey. Now, I’ll be honest, I had a wobble over this. When we were discussing colours with Sandra, she was using her wealth of knowledge, matching colours to the wallpaper. I was pushing towards pink for the steps, Mr SimplyHomemade was (a lot) less keen on this. He thinks we have a fair amount of pink in the house as it is. Sandra put the grey with the other colours and he was sold. When I started applying it to the steps, I rang him with exclamations of school jumper grey. (Aside from himself being a bit of a silver fox, I’m really not a fan of grey) Anyway, we had a conversation, I decided to keep the faith and finished the steps. I stood back and well, what can I say? Sandra knew what she was talking about. It works and works so well.

The Hall receives a Makeover
Paint for the steps


Prior to this, I hadn’t taken on many painting projects before in the house. I’ve upcycled pieces of furniture but not done much with the walls. So with that in mind and Mr S/H gone to work, it was time to cut in. Luckily, the deadly crew in the Paint Hub had gifted me a Palm Pro. A what I hear you ask? A Palm Pro is a cool little brush, especially for cutting in. It is essentially an extension of your hand. The brush is from Zibra Ireland, and while my inaugural cutting in is dodgy, I reckon the brush saved it from being a whole lot worse!

It’s a lovely brush to use, definitely made the task easier and himself was impressed with my efforts. As we were painting over white paint the walls took two coats. The coverage was so impressive. I had wondered would it take three coats as we were making such a drastic change, but the two is perfect.

My first time ever cutting in. It was made easier with the Palm Pro. Far from perfect, but I am happy with it.


Now, I have never wallpapered anything bigger than a school book. Eighties kids you know what I mean! I was nervous, there was joining up and cutting; lots of tricky business. Mr S/H hadn’t wallpapered in years. He wasn’t very keen on the idea of doing any wallpapering now either. However, he wouldn’t see me struggle and so got stuck in and helped me. Okay, he did most of it, and together we got it done. It was much easier than I expected and I absolutely love it. My little birdies make me smile!

We had a coat rack hanging on the wall that had seen better days, still needing somewhere to hang coats. The structure of the coat rack was absolutely fine. With that in mind, I decided to give it a little makeover and covered it with some of the wallpaper.

While there are some small finishing touches still needed to complete this makeover, I am thrilled with my new hallway. I’m sure with five children it’s inevitable that it will still be an occasional ‘dumping ground’ but I will be doing my best to prevent this. Everything should have a place and everything kept in its place, right??

The Cost

This whole project was so satisfying to do. I really must mention the Paint Hub again. They are a specialist paint shop, so you would expect them to be expensive. You may be surprised to hear that they really aren’t. Colour consultations are part of the service provided here and they are free! You don’t need to make an appointment, simply pop in store.  The Paint Hub caters for all budgets and has products for every possible painting job you wish to undertake. I would highly recommend you add them to the top of your list when planning a makeover in your home.


Disclaimer: I was not asked to mention any company’s in this post. I bought and paid for everything myself, with the exception of the Palm Pro which was kindly gifted by The Paint Hub and The Two Fussy Blokes rollers which were kindly gifted some time ago and used on a previous project as seen here on my Instagram.


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  1. Ohh Nicola looks like we’re following suit! Your hallway is absolutely gorgeous and the colur is stunning…. My big small boy has requested it for his room! The wallpaper is gorgeous…. Wonder if I’d talk him into that?!

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