Happiness is……………….

Today my little boy Harry sat up to the table for dinner, as he does everyday, and he ate his dinner, as he does everyday but today, I took time, and I watched him.


I watched as he devoured his fish and turned and asked his Daddy for more.

I watched as he picked up his baby broccoli and took bite after bite until each piece was eaten.

I watched as he put his potato and sauce on his spoon and into his mouth.

I watched as he got fed up with the spoon and turned to using his hands instead.

I watched all of this happen as he chatted and smiled and played and asked for more.


I watched and I felt happy.

I’m sure I could feel my heart swell with pride at this amazing little boy, with his chubby hands and his cheeky smile enjoyed a meal that I had cooked for him.


A meal that his brother refused to eat and his sisters only ate parts of.

Harry absolutely, thoroughly enjoyed his dinner and I felt happy.

So what did we have?

We had baked cod, young tender stems of broccoli and baby potatoes with a delicious homemade satay sauce, made using whole peanut butter, the ingredients being simply peanuts.

And my baby boy loved it,

Happiness is sweet, simple pleasures.


And the glint in this cheeky little boys eyes!

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