Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a funny one. Whilst it’s wonderful to bask in the attention provided by my children, I do feel sad that my own Mother is no longer here to also enjoy the attention, spend time with us and love the handmade cards that all of her grandchildren would take such delight in gifting her.

However, I also know that if our Mother could say anything to myself and my siblings today, she would tell us all she loves each of us dearly, we shouldn’t be sad and those of us with children should enjoy the day with them.

So that is what we will do <3

Cards from Mr Simply Homemade & our children
Cards from Mr Simply Homemade & our children

My children know me well, and this year have excelled themselves with their gifts. I always try and encourage them to make gifts when they can, I think it’s lovely to spend time on someone and they certainly did that this year.

I was gifted some beautiful artwork that they created in school.

010 009Aren’t these lovely?

Jack made the tea pot of flowers, a perfect bunch.

Caoimhe made the ice cream, garnished with words to describe me. I did question one word, ‘smart-ish’? She said it’s because I’m rubbish at her Maths homework!! She’s right, I am lol.

Jack was thrilled presenting me with this pot of spring bulbs.

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He was even more chuffed at managing to keep it hidden in his room for a couple of days!

Yesterday afternoon I was banished from the kitchen for a while. With the help of their Dad, they wanted to conjure up some delicious delights to present me with this morning.

O U R   E S C A P E

There were cookies to have with morning coffee.


Chocolates for everyone to share in the evening.

The children were exceptionally proud of themselves and rightly so, I am delighted with their gifts and the thought and time they put into them.


However you are spending your day today, whatever gifts you receive, treasure every moment, make lovely memories and thank your lucky stars….

Happy Mother’s Day

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