Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

It’s Valentine’s Day. It’s probably not very fashionable of me to say that, now, at this time in my life, I have come to like this day. I’ve never been fashionable anyway so for me, this doesn’t worry me. If you take issue with it, sure don’t read on!


Today I will stop. Today I will think about the people who mean the most to me. Today when my children get up they will find little chocolate hearts by their pillow, a little token to get the day off to a lovely start.

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Today I will hug my husband a little bit tighter, hold him a little bit longer and, as I do every day, tell him I love him.


Today I will hold my children (text my eldest daughter who is away with school), hold their hands, hug them tight and tell them I love them.


Today I will wish my siblings a Happy Valentines Day and let them know that even though we don’t see each other often, I am thinking about them too.

And today I will thank you, the people who are reading this, who are taking a few minutes to read the words that I have written, the people who I am very grateful to, for perhaps I do not say that enough and today is an opportunity to do that. A chance for me to say that I love the support you give me, the feedback, the comments, the friendship. I am extremely grateful to you all x


Love is not just the romantic love that the commercial side of this holiday would have us believe. Love takes so many forms. Love is friendship, love is parental, love is self-care, love is gratitude, love is kindness, love is there for everyone. Happy Valentines Day.


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