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Coffee & Hazelnut Energy Balls

My eldest daughter is currently sitting her Junior Cert exams. Exams are stressful,there is so much pressure on our young people at this time, personally I think it’s too much pressure. However, it’s happening so we have to get our children through these weeks. Our approach is to nurture, nourish and reassure

coffee balls 4

I feel it’s extremely important to keep a stash of healthy snacks available to her and that’s where these energy balls come in.With slow energy releasing oats, healthy fats, a multitude of vitamins & minerals and no refined sugar, these are super balls!!

Ingredients – Makes 25 10g ballscoffee balls 3

100g Dates
100g Hazelnuts
35g Coconut oil
25g Oat Flour (blitzed porridge oats)
2 Tbsp Black Coffee
Pinch Sea Salt Flakes


  • Add the dates and hazelnuts to a food processor and pulse briefly.
  • Add the remaining ingredients and blitz until everything has come together.
  • Take walnut sized (you can weigh them out at 10g per ball) pieces of the mix and roll between the palms of your hands.
  • Store in a container in the fridge and reach for one when you feel an energy slump approaching.

Coffee Balls 1

I know keeping healthy snacks at hand may not seem like that big a thing, but it is, as I mention, nourishment is so important all the time but even more so now and if I’m completely honest, it makes me feel useful….I didn’t feel as much stress doing my own exams!! So indulge me and my super snacks!


5 thoughts on “Coffee & Hazelnut Energy Balls

  1. My neighbour’s son is sitting his leaving and I really think it’s more strain on the mothers than the kids themselves. I remember being very stressed for the Junior Cert but not so much for the Leaving. I hope the exams fly by for her – and you!

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