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As we gleefully welcome Springtime, the gentle stream of sunshine through the window is highlighting the need for some change within our home. It looks tired and in need of a little lift for the oncoming season. I look to the latest home styles for inspiration and when Chill Insurance invited me to talk about 2019 Interior Design Trends, I was more than happy to delve further.  Now, it must be said, I’m not one to follow fashions but I do love to look at what’s on trend. If that fits my homestyle, I adopt and adapt ideas to make them work for me. That’s the thing with interior design, if it looks great, that’s brilliant, but it needs to work for you and your lifestyle.

The hot topic, that caught my eye, at the moment is sustainability. With that in mind, I think we’ll see more natural, earthy materials at play in and around homes. Buy less but buy the best quality you can afford;  products that are fantastic quality and will last. I think the current trend for upcycling and repurposing is fantastic. This is something I embrace myself in our home. For people who like to have their home filled with small personal pieces, I think there will be an increase in celebrating local craftsmanship; purchasing handmade items, from local crafters and artists as opposed to generic pieces from high street stores. Hopefully, as an expansion of this,  we will see people acquiring the basic skills to make their own pieces.

A piece of repurposed furniture in my own home

The Scandinavian Shelving trend is both trendy and functional. Displaying items, that are in constant use. It essentially uses storage as decor. It’s a trend I suspect will continue to grow, with open shelving replacing closed cupboards in kitchens. It’s a convenient style, having things at hand rather than rummaging through cupboards that resemble Narnia.

Food jars on display in my own kitchen.

With sustainability comes a connection with nature and we will see that reflected in colour choices for our homes. The on-trend colours, in my opinion, will be earthy tones to reflect that connection with the outdoors; deep greens, rich blues, sandy browns. Then we’ll have the mindfulness that comes from nature, the soft colours that bring a sense of calm, muted pastels, soft whites and creams. Amidst the calmness I’d like to see pops of colour to lift the spirit, whether that’s on trend or not, if that’s your thing, grab your paintbrush and paint something that makes you smile!

The Chill Insurance team have reimagined Father Ted’s drab, dingy living room as a colourful Bohemian space. With earthy walls, pops of colur and artwork in abundance, one couldn’t help but smile in this room.

We all want to create a lovely atmosphere in our home. For this we turn to texture; textures will never be out of fashion. They bring a room to life, adding a subtle hint of luxury here, a cosy corner there. Mix it up, hang rugs on the walls, plants in macrame plant hangers. The scent in our homes is important to us and it’s hard to beat fresh flowers for that or a natural candle.

I think, regardless of what’s on trend, it’s important that your home makes you feel happy, that it’s a space you are comfortable in. Everybody has different taste, and while it may not match what the media says, that’s okay. It is fun to take current ideas and change them up to work for you though, to find an idea that makes your home on trend for you!


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative piece with Chill Insurance.


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