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Homemade Candles

I love candles, scented candles in particular. From Autumn right through Winter, it wouldn’t be unusual for me to have a candle burning all day. Up until last year, I hadn’t given much thought to the type of candle I was burning. Then, I read an article citing the dangers that can come with burning certain candles. I did a little more research based on what I had read and decided I would be happier burning more natural candles, candles that weren’t emitting carcinogens into the air in our home.

Homemade Teacup Candle
My homemade teacup natural candle

I started purchasing natural candles instead and I even reviewed some beautiful candles here on the blog.

It’s fair to say candles can be quite expensive, making them more of a luxury item than a ‘must have’ item in any home. Bearing that in mind I started thinking to myself and decided I would have a go at making my own candles. I bought a kilo of soy wax, wicks, and cinnamon essential oil all for the price, give or take, of a couple of candles. I chose soy wax because it was cheaper than beeswax, but that is another option. Soy wax is made from vegetable oil, it burns cleaner and for longer than other candles.

Here is how I made my candles step by step.

Gather everything you need; wax, a vessel for your candle, wicks, glue gun (I think glue dots would work for this too if you don’t have a glue gun) essential oils, a heatproof bowl, chopsticks/skewers.


Measure the wax into the container in which you are going to make your candle. Add the wax to the heatproof bowl, then measure out the same volume again.


Heat a saucepan of water and place the bowl of wax over it to melt slowly. Add some drops of essential oil. I added 10 to my small candle. It would have taken a few more as the scent was lovely but quite subtle.

While the wax is melting, fix the wick to the bottom of the container that will become the candle.


Carefully pour the wax into the container. Straighten the wick and hold in place with the chopsticks until the candle has set.


Leave to set completely for 24 hours, then trim the wick before lighting it and grinning from ear to ear, assuring yourself you really are a genius! (I jest, obviously lol)


I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed making my candles. It was so relaxing. It’s such a lovely hobby and I’m left with something I absolutely love at the end of it.


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8 thoughts on “Homemade Candles

  1. I have kept loads of little jars and containers for making my own little candles, but they are all still sitting in a box waiting to be used! I must take inspiration from you (I never thought of using the glue gun to fix the wick in place) and start making my own. Great post!

  2. I used to do this many many years ago as a youth worker. The kids loved it as did I. I’d love to start again. The glue gun to fix the wick def would make things easier – great idea. Great post thanks.

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