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Homemade Christmas Cards

Isn’t it lovely to give a Christmas card? Last year for the first time, we gave homemade Christmas cards and I was delighted with how pleased the recipients were to receive them. They were all painted and were very personal in that our fingerprints or the hand and foot prints of the children were on them.


This year we decided again to give homemade cards. We took a slightly different approach and this time there was no paint involved!! We used ribbon, buttons and some of my dried oranges. Also, with time running out and our weekends being very busy, it was less of a family affair this year with Caoimhe taking sole charge of the Christmas Card making.

She’d been out of school all week with a dreadful throat infection, by Thursday she had a little energy back (though still no voice!!) and asked if she could start the cards. She got stuck in and spent the whole morning working on them producing some beautiful cards I think.


She gathered together her supplies:

  • Blank Cards (I buy these in packs of 50 from Mr. Price)
  • Ribbons (These came from Lidl, they always have a great selection this time of the year)
  • Buttons (you can buy buttons, though I take buttons off old clothes before throwing them out, if they aren’t good enough for the charity shop!)
  • Glue Dots & Self Adhesive



Using some of my dried oranges & some gold ribbon, she created these lovely scented cards.


I absolutely love the ribbon cards she made with ribbons and glue dots. How cute is that gingerbread man ribbon? It’s fabulous!


Grabbing my button jar for these ones, she came up with some lovely creations. The holly is too cute!


Using some paper from our rather large craft box, she cut out the baubles for these cards and drew on the ribbons, simple and beautiful. I think my favourite is her hand drawn Christmas tree.

I have no doubt the lucky recipients of these Christmas cards will be delighted.

It would be remiss of me to finish this post without giving a mention the #craftadvent2015 that  the gorgeous Sadhbh over at Where Wishes Come From is currently running, she has some wonderful posts from many bloggers including one that she created herself of the cutest Cork Stamped Christmas pudding card that requires buying a bottle of wine……that for me is a perfect craft!!!



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