The Hopes and Dreams of Lucy Baker by Jenni Keer

I had this book on my NetGalley shelf and following a couple of heavy reads, I made it my next book. It was a good choice.

Sometimes a little something can mean everything…..

Lucy is 25, Brenda is 79. They are next door neighbours and best of friends. An unlikely pairing you may think but as you delve into the pages it soon becomes apparent how special the relationship between the two women really is.

Lucy isn’t your typical 25-year-old woman. She enjoys her time with Brenda, sitting at the bistro set sipping one of her friend’s teas. Her collection of knitted dolls that she has made adorn her cosy little flat. Socialising and partying are really not the scene for this quiet, unassuming lady.

When George moves in a couple of doors down, they don’t get off on the right foot straight away. He’s surly and abrupt. Lucy it seems is destined to be involved with her new neighbour in some way or other as a stray cat has adopted him! The cat also befriends Lucy.

Lucy starts to worry for her dear friend when she notices little things not quite right. When Brenda is diagnosed with dementia, she has one desire before her memories leave her for good. She wants to see Lucy find love and be happy.

Brenda gifts Lucy a locket, claiming it helped her find love with her beloved Jim many years before. Lucy discovers newfound confidence that is noticed by those around her. It presents new opportunities both at work and in her home life as she starts to sell some knitted Poldarks!! Is the locket magical or is the real Lucy Baker emerging from her protective shell??

This is beautifully written and contains a little touch of magic. It has some hilarious one-liners, explores relationships between generations and is just incredibly heartwarming.

Disclaimer: I received this copy from Avon Books via NetGalley.


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