How was Your Day?

So how was your day today? Good I hope.

Mine? Well it started ok, the sun was shining when I got up, that’s always a nice start.

We were doing the shopping today, I had to iron a few things before we left. The Cuddlemonster had nothing to wear. I was nearing the end of the pile when the iron, which hasΒ been like a tempremental old goat of late, let out a big puff and went cold. There was no reviving the feckin thing. Could be worse I thought, not the end of the world.

Almost ready to go, when the Fairy decided she wasn’t ready, ‘Just two minutes Mama’. She was accessorising, doesn’t she look super!!


I had to pick up a couple of things in Lidl so that was the first stop. A man had no €1 coin for his trolley so I gave him one. He was quite taken aback and extremely grateful. Mr. Simply Homemade told me I was lovely, I shrugged it off. It’s nice to be nice and you’d hope good karma does exist.

Next stop Joyces,(for those of you wondering, Joyces ARE Wexford, they have been supplying electrical appliances to the people of Wexford forever!),Β our grill died before christmas, Wexford folk will be familiar with the man who looks after repairs from his little cove in Joyces, he has exhausted (ok, slight exaggeration πŸ˜‰ ), he has been extremely helpful in trying to get a grill for our cooker but so far to no avail. Now I’m having further issues with my cooker, the clock is cutting out, shutting the oven off, it’s a right royal disaster. Himself in Joyces informed me today it’s unlikely we’ll be able to repair it, but he will look into it for me, I’m just not to get too hopeful. Now when I bought my cooker, I bought a nice shiny…huge one and planned my kitchen around it, so when I replace my cooker I need to buy a nice, shiny…yep, huge one! Went to the other end of Joyces and eyed up some rather sexy cookers….all the cookers that will fit my needs kitchen come with price tags over €2000…gulp.

My sick, on the verge of dying, cooker :(
My sick, on the verge of dying, cooker πŸ™

Off to Tesco, kids were getting cranky, the Cuddlemonster threw a tantrum before we reached the trolleys…great start. The fairy wasn’t far behind and through a strop, just to be equal to him I suppose, she added a bit of foot-stomping too…good girl, sure why not! It was a relief to get back to the car. Loaded the kids in, followed by the shopping, I got in, Mr Simply Homemade went to get in….his door wouldn’t open…..he hit the button again…..nope no joy, we couldn’t open it from the inside either. FFS!! Out I got, in he got, back inΒ I got. Radio wouldn’t come on either, oh look, clock not working either. Great, just great, ‘cos this day has cost nothing so far.

Karma my arse!

I’m pouring a glass of wine now, tomorrow is a new day, it can’t be worse than today – I hope!

9 thoughts on “How was Your Day?

  1. 2000 for a cooker!? Wowza. I’m (fingers crossed) about to be a home owner for the first time. The price of everything is terrifying me!…I’m also having wine. πŸ˜‰

    1. Oh best of luck, it’s so exciting, moving into your first home πŸ™‚ The cooker is mad money, in fairness, it used to be all singing all dancing, my husband is regretting all the cakes etc Ive baked him, he reckons I wore it out lol! Enjoy your wine πŸ™‚

  2. Oh Nicola! I don’t mean to laugh but you do have a way with words! Enjoy the wine and hopefully Karma will catch up with you soon xxx

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