I Am The Mum Who

I have something a little different on the blog today, a post celebrating Motherhood.

Thank you Danielle over at the gorgeous Lilliwhite Rose for the tag 🙂


  • is so lucky to have 5 children, despite the odds being against me
  • loves to bake but tries to resist the results!
  • believes life is too short to be ironing bed sheets and knickers!
  • would love to rebuild my house all over again, changing just about everything.
  • wishes my children would eat more veg
  • is crazy about christmas and making it as magical as can be for my children
  • loves bright sunny mornings and cosy evenings in front of the fire
  • has forgotten what a lie in is
  • has cleaned the bathroom with babywipes….more than once, actually has cleaned everything with babywipes more than once
  • loves my mornings to be calm and quiet….but they never are
  • is ever so grateful for Tesco’s online shopping service….every little helps
  • has lost alot of weight and has no clue now what to wear….though I’m thinking Mom Jeans would be a good place to start…the IPB girls know what I mean.
  • met some of my very best friends online during my pregnancy with Abbie and am lucky enough to speak to them via Facebook every day
  • loves a glass of wine on a Friday night….and sometimes Saturday….and well, if you’re offering on Sunday, it would be rude to say no
  • is shy in ‘real’ life
  • is rubbish at decorating cakes, despite baking millions dozens of them….who says Olaf needs to stand anyway?!
  • spends forever giving Little Miss Abbie Elsa hair only for her to demand Anna hair instead!
  • has watched countless episodes of Fireman Sam – easy know Pontypandy residents don’t have to pay €750 to call the fire brigade
  • really enjoys reading but hasn’t read a book in three years, the joys of life with toddlers
  • believes good manners are something we should all possess-they cost nothing
  • lives in a home; with scribbles on the walls, toys on the floor and clothes everywhere
  • believes in fate, what is meant for you won’t pass you and everyting happens for a reason
  • loves online shopping, but my purse doesn’t…..
  • really enjoys experimenting in the kitchen
  • never sees the bottom of the laundry basket….it’s like Narnia
  • is extremely proud of all of my children
  • lost my own Mam far too young and miss her every single day
  • feels like the luckiest girl in the world as I married my best friend
  • loves my husband and children more than anything
  • doing my very best and simply loves being a Mum
  • I nominate:

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7 thoughts on “I Am The Mum Who

  1. Love this and really feel like I got to know you even more. I also do not iron bedsheets and underwear lol. Christmas is my favourite time of year too xxx

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