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Sara from Where is My Mind? & Danielle from Lilliwhiterose are running a great linky this week, #whatsinmybag. It’s easy take part, go to Sara’s blog and show her the contents of your handbag, head over to Danielle and show her the contents of your make up bag. Now as my makeup bag needs a complete overhaul, I think I’ll sit that one out, I wouldn’t want to scare you!

So, on to my handbag, I’ve got two. Not because I carry lots of stuff, I don’t, but because one is my everyday, cross body, Mum bag. Trust me when you’re attempting a grocery shop with a toddler in a trolley who thinks he’s Houdini, a three year old who thinks she’s 33 and can go wherever she likes and a wandering husband who can generally be found eyeing up the steak and wine, the last thing you want to be worrying about is your bag, so cross body it is.

It’s a simple little bag, nothing special about it. I bought it from Littlewoods, can’t for the life of me remember how much it was.


So what’s in it? Crap!

A purse that doesn’t close properly, between receipts, coupons (Glenisk ones mainly 😉 ) notes because I forget things, loyalty cards…I need a new purse. I think I bought that one in New Look. It takes me ages to decide on a purse. They’re a very important purchase, buy the wrong one and it will leave you in bad form every time you take it out of your bag, which is numerous times a day!


A collection card for pyrex stuff in Tesco, don’t know why it’s there, I don’t collect them.

Receipts, lots of receipts. I amaze myself actually, pointless supermarket receipts can languish in my bag for weeks, important ones that I need to keep? Yeah right, gone!

The pink pieces of paper are lists. The One4all card was Jack’s, it has nothing left on it.

My out of date provisional drivers licence, I used it for id purposes changing my phone recently.

A pen and the lid from another pen.

2 cent. Those tiny little coins drive me insane!

So there you have it not very exciting. This next bag however, I think, is. Not because of it’s contents, just the bag itself. I love it, I treated myself to it last year, I rarely buy myself anything but this I admired online for weeks and then one day my finger accidently pushed the ‘buy now’ button!


It’s a Frost French bag from Debenhams. This one I quite conveniently forgot the cost of. I’m sure in the grand scheme of things it wasn’t expensive, but in my world it was! Look at it! Isn’t it beautiful?

PicMonkey Collage

I’ve always liked nice handbags. Did you know, regardless of what size your waist, bust, feet are; a handbag will always fit. They’re fiercely loyal like that.

charmI use this bag for days out and the like. Every other day it sits on my dressing table and I admire it as I walk past it. I guess I better show you what’s kept in it, that being the point of this linky and all!


My favourite perfume, which is almost empty 🙁 Jean Paul Gaultier Classique, I love it. It won’t be replaced anytime soon though.

Lip gloss, a Rimmel one, called Snog.  I wear it when I wear make up, so carry it too on those days.

Sunglasses, since last year. Not so sure I like them now.

Tickets from Donal Skehan’s Kitchen Hero Live last year.

A chocolate bar wrapper from my nephews communion in May.

A card from a hotel we stayed in after a wedding last year, in Wexford, wouldn’t recommend it!

Obviously when heading out for days tissues, phone, keys etc would be in there too.

You probably think they’re quite sparse for a mum of 5, everything else goes in the changing bag, which also leaves the house when I do. It’s packed. And I’d be here forever if I were to empty it and show you; and if I’m honest, I’d be a little scared of what I might find!

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