I’m Bored!

Our children are little heroes. Their lives have been turned upside down overnight. They miss school, their friends and, for some, the routine. With that comes frustration and anxiety. Some days they don’t know what to do with themselves. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has days where its a request for snacks or a declaration of ‘I’m bored’, on repeat.

Now, I must admit, I think it’s good for children to get bored. I tell them to use their imaginations and think of something to do. For the days when they struggle, I find it helps to have a few ideas as back up.

Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Day Activities|Simply Homemade

For some of these activities, it’s necessary to step back and not worry about the mess. The mess will be sorted later, for now, the main objective is fun! A fort may involve cushions on the floor, every chair from the table and throws and blankets. To eager minds, this is a fort protecting them from all sorts of predators.

Set aside some time to bake with children. Share their delight in producing some cookies perhaps or even something as simple as Rice Krispie buns. If baking with children is new to you, Rice Krispie buns are quick and easy. Children can take charge and you supervise.

My small children love what we call ‘free crafting’ I have a box of recycling that I keep specifically for this. They go to the box with no idea of what they’ll find. They look at the materials available and decide on the spot what to make.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities|Simply Homemade

I hadn’t thought of a scavenger hunt myself until my sons teacher sent it as an idea one week. The children had great fun doing it. To be honest I thought it would take them a lot longer but they are way too clever for me!!

We set up an obstacle course one evening adding wellies and jumpers, random pieces of clothing along with balls, a hurl and other bits. I shouted instructions and the kids ran from one thing to the next where they might have to put on one welly and run to the next spot where they have to throw and catch a ball a few times before moving onto the next. They laughed, I laughed and even the teenagers joined in.

For children who enjoy Sports Day why not recreate it at home. Have the sack race, the egg & spoon race and maybe make up some of your own unique games. It might just make missing the usual one that little bit easier.

I hope you find an idea here you may not have thought of. It is not easy to be on the ball all the time now and while we are all in the same storm our individual ships are different. We are all sailing to the best of our ability, we are all going in the same direction.



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