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In The Garden

I have vowed to spend more time in the garden this year. We moved into our house 11 years ago, but we’ve done very little with the garden in that time. It’s expensive isn’t it? Or it certainly is if you want a perfectly manicured space.

Spring Garden1
Spring has sprung in the garden

I have come to realise however that I don’t think I do want perfect, but more perfectly imperfect. Our garden is quite large, 1/2 an acre or so and I am far from green fingered so some interesting times lie ahead!

Children in the Garden
We’ll get the children involved, here they’re watering some lavender they planted

It will be fun however, we will be spending lots of time together, outdoors, breathing in country air and hopefully appreciating our surroundings.

Beautiful Blossoms
Our beautiful Cherry Blossoms
Meadow Fun
One of my favourite photos from last year, taken in the bottom of our garden, which transforms into a natural meadow.

We will enjoy that space, that space that is ours, that space that is, perfectly imperfect.

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