Instagram Challenge Highlights 3

This challenge is definitely lifting February for me, it’s a slow one, not that I want to wish time away, however, we’ve had mock exams and weeks and weeks of illness so it has been great to have a little distraction.


You know the drill by now, we have had photos of lots of lovely little people, I won’t be sharing those here as I feel it is not my place to share photo’s of other people’s children, nor could I possible choose one child over another!

Here’s the latest selection of fabulous photographs, I’m a little behind with this round up so I haven’t included every day.

Day 16 – Flowers


L-R @eggmcbeg, @looking_for_blue_sky, @october.daisie

Day 19 – Pattern


L-R @officemum, @daisydoll69, @fitslimhealthy

Day 20 – Eyes


L-R @savagecakes, @musingschatterings, @arielhouse

Day 23 – Cute


L-R @wherewishescomefrom, @marybarrettgardiner, @three_sons_later

Huge thanks to everyone who has taken part so far, I hope you’re all enjoying it. There are only a few days left, if you haven’t taken part up to now don’t by shy,  feel free. It’s never to late to join in and you are under no obligation to post a photo every day, I’m not mad about rules!

1. 16.2. 17




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