Instagram Highlights Week 1

I am thoroughly enjoying my #simplyfeb16 Instagram Challenge. My initial plan was to do a round up of some of my favourite photos at the end of the challenge, however, I have decided instead to do a weekly round up. There are so many beautiful photographs.

We’ve had quite a few personal photographs in the challenge, lots of lovely little people, I won’t be sharing those here as I feel it is not my place to share photo’s of other people’s children, nor could I possible choose one child over another!

Day 1 – Sign of Spring

spring 1

L-R @anew.heather.kay.yogie, @londonswedemaitred, @mum_i_am

sign of spring 2

L-R @una_nowmoment, @seraxgreen, @rainsfordryan

Day 2 – Favourite Colour


L-R @ourlittlehouseinthecountry, @unakennedy, @three_sons_later


L-R @october.daisie, @frannjie_robs, @niamhiewiamhie

Day3 – Morning Drink


L-R @arielhouse, @paulaskitchentable, @mammyskitchen


L-R @wherewishescomefrom, @marybarrettgardiner, @stylebeginsat40

Day4 – Black & White


L-R @three_sons_later, @marybarrettgardiner, @life_on_hushabye_farm


L-R @eggmcbeg, @fitslimhealthy, @savagecakes

Day 5 – Utensil

This one did make me laugh, there was certainly a common theme…..


L-R @jillo_properfud, @wherewishescomefrom, @daisydoll69


L-R @debsazz, @una_nowmoment, @ourlittlehouseinthecountry

Day 6 – Lunch


L-R @em.lou.mar, @kaylynncovey, @mum_i_am


L-R @marybarretgardiner, @paulaskitchentable, @whatkatieflandidnext

Huge thanks to everyone who has taken part so far, I hope you’re all enjoying it. If you’re not taking part and you’d like to, feel free, it’s never to late to join in 🙂

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