June Reads

I read three books again in June, all of them very good. I hope to up my reading game now over the Summer holidays. Less time on Facebook, more time with my face in a book!

Out of Focus by Muriel Bolger


I love this kind of book, however, it does induce a rage inside me. Anything that features Catholic Ireland and how it treated young girls tends to do that.
Out of Focus is written in three parts. In part one we meet Sandra, who is married to Mal and they have two grown up children. When Sandra finds an old photo she is convinced that something is going to happen. The photo always seems to precede disaster. Soon after she receives a mysterious letter.
We also meet Kieron and his young family in part one. Kieron has a daughter who is battling Leukaemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. With neither parent a match, Kieron’s only hope is to trace his real family.
We learn an awful lot in this part of the book; the strength of Sandra & Mal’s marriage, the problems with her daughter’s marriage to Adam and Kieron’s preconceived ideas about his adoptive family – how accurate are they really?
Part two takes us back to Mayo in 1970. An 11 year old Sandra growing up with her parents and sister is suddenly wrenched from her family home. I won’t give too much away here, but this is the toughest part of the book to read, mainly because it is so accurate in it’s depiction of what life was like in this country then.
Part three of the books brings together the events of one and two, leading us back to the present day where a strong family are reunited.
The three parts of the book come together seamlessly, the story is told with compassion. My heart ached for Sandra and her family, I was in awe of her relationship with her husband. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

The Other Side of the Wall by Andrea Mara

The Other Side Of The Wall: A Gripping Psychological Thriller by [Mara, Andrea]

The Other Side of the Wall is Andrea Mara’s debut novel.
Sylvia has returned to work in her stressful role within the financial sector following her maternity leave. She’s exhausted and suffering from sleep deprivation. When she ‘sees’ a child lying face down in the pond in her new neighbour’s garden she’s not sure if lack of sleep is playing with or mind or if it’s real.
However, as time goes on she becomes increasingly uneasy about the house next door, she hears mysterious noises, her daughter wakes from a dream convinced a monster was standing at the end of her bed. Has someone been in their house too?
Read my full review of The Other Side of the Wall here, I couldn’t put this down and I am very excited to see what Andrea’s next book brings!

The Missing Wife by Sheila O’ Flanagan


I am a longtime fan of Sheila O’Flanagan’s books so expected this to be good and of course I wasn’t disappointed.
When Imogen Naughton fails to return from a work trip to Paris her husband and her best friend are completely shocked. It soon becomes apparent that Imogen has left of her own free will and is not in any danger.
Shona, her friend, cannot understand why her friend would just walk away from her perfect marriage to Vince who treats his wife like a princess.
Imogen in the meantime travels to a town she knows in France and finds herself again, rediscovers the woman she is, makes some good friends and establishes a life in which she is happy once more.
We never really know what goes on behind closed doors.
Another book I thoroughly enjoyed. I’ve been very lucky with my June reads.

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, all of the books I mention in these monthly posts are bought and paid for by myself.


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