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So,as you may have seen on my Facebook page I have gone back to Playschool!

Back to School!

I was extremely flattered to be invited into our local Kickstart Education & Childcare, where my fairy goes, to prepare low sugar snacks and  healthy alternatives for the children; provide the recipes to the parents so they can get busy with their little ones in the kitchen and have some fun along the way.

Kickstart Simply Homemade

On the first day the children all had some refined sugar free Banana Bread, which went down a treat. I often make Banana Bread (this one here, with nuts & fruit), however for this occasion I specifically wanted a tried and tested nut free & refined sugar free recipe so I used one which can be found here over on Saucepan Kids, Debbie and her gorgeous girls have even baked this on Ireland Am and she’ll be thrilled to know the teachers & children in Kickstart loved it too!

Every day the children have ‘Fruit Time’ where they are encouraged to try various different fruits for a morning snack. Today I went in and for ‘Fruit Time’ we made Strawberry & Banana Smoothies. We had great fun, both the teachers and students were so enthusiastic and the smoothies went down extremely well!

Along with a healthy lunch policy and a recent healthy eating themed couple of weeks the teachers at Kickstart are passionate about teaching children that healthy food needn’t be boring and instilling a positive attitude towards healthy eating from this young age.

healthy art
Fruit Platters & Soup Bowls by the children in Kickstart Education


Abbie's Art
Apple Prints, Pineapple & Carrot and 3 Juicy Strawberries; Healthy Eating themed art from my Fairy

It is brilliant to see such infectious enthusiasm in these little people, they were all so keen to tell me that they love strawberries and bananas; they’d make them big & strong. We added some porridge oats to the smoothie and I asked the children to raise their hands if they like porridge and all but one little fairy said they do………can you guess which one didn’t?? Yes you’re right, it was indeed the Simply Homemade fairy!!


I am already looking forward to my next visit to Kickstart when we will be baking and celebrating a traditional Irish recipe!


2 thoughts on “Kickstart Cooking

  1. Wow, Nicola I’m really chuffed that you used our recipe and I’m really pleased to hear that the kids enjoyed munching on the banana bread.

    I love what you’ve done with the kids there. I did something similar with the Infants at my twin’s school and it’s wonderful to see the kids having fun with food. I bet they can’t wait till next time. Kickstart are lucky to have you.

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