Kirwans Garden with Kickstart

To many it’s known as The Secret Garden (click here to read my previous post) or the Fairy Doors but today I’ll refer to it by it’s correct name, Kirwans Garden.


As the pre school year draws to a close very soon, the teachers arranged a special outing for our smallest people to visit Kirwans Garden and learn a little bit more about this beautiful place where they often play.


David, the vice chairperson of the Rosslare Harbour/Kilrane Environment Group was on hand to show us around, point out some extra special parts of the garden and have the children gather bits & pieces for the Bug Hotel.

The children learning about the Bug Hotel and adding twigs and pieces of bark they gathered with David as they went through the garden.

David is incredibly knowledgable, admitting himself he is more likely to recall the name of plant than that of a person! He is clearly very passionate about the environment and,along with the rest of the group, takes great pride in the wonderful work carried out in maintaining and improving this wonderful amenity. The abundance and array of beautiful plants is simply stunning.


Bumble bees and insects are well catered for. Aside from the Bug Hotel, the group have added wood piles for insects and homes for bees. I didn’t know until our visit that if you drilled holes in old tree stumps that they would act as solitary bee homes! This is something we could all do in our gardens.



Each meandering path contains a surprise for it’s visitors, many of which are done by reusing and recycling materials that may otherwise end up in the back of a shed or on landfill.




This bridge was made using Christmas Trees!


The fairy village contains a replica of Kilrane Church, lovingly created by local resident Peter McCormack who very sadly passed away earlier this year. Peter loved the gardens and was always pottering away, clearing, planting or creating something new.


Replica of Kilrane Church

The ‘sitting room’ in ‘Peter’s Garden’ is a wonderful legacy to a man who found such peace and joy in creating this wonderful haven for residents and visitors alike.


A place of natural beauty, carefully and lovingly maintained; Kirwan’s Garden really is a place to visit.


Following our wander around the gardens, we had a picnic in the memorial garden outside and David showed some pictures of how the garden looked before and during its’ transformation.


A little history about Kirwan’s Garden



Rosslare Harbour Memorial Garden

Huge thanks to the teachers in Kickstart for a lovely morning with all of the children, to David for kindly giving his time; adults and children alike learned an awful lot from him and to Mother Nature for letting the sun shine brightly and show off the gardens in all their glory.

Next time you find yourself in Rosslare Harbour, pop up and visit Kirwan’s Garden. You’ll be so pleased you did, it’s good for the soul.

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