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I started writing this post on the 7th of September, so that may just give an idea of how life has been lately? It’s busy, extremely busy, mostly in the good sense. It’s also been quite emotional, for many reasons.

Big School

My smallest boy started big school in September. He was nervous, had spent the entire Summer telling me he didn’t *need* to go to school. Whatever he didn’t know I could teach him!

Nervous on the way

Despite his reluctance, my cuddlemonster settled in no time. He thoroughly enjoys school and is happy which of course makes the transition so much easier for everyone.

Our middle boy also started school, secondary school. He’s moved on to a whole new chapter in his book of life. Thankfully he’s settling in well and seems to enjoy it. The early mornings? Well, let’s just say the word enjoy would not be synonymous with those!


I never thought I was good at DIY but I’ve learned something recently. It isn’t about being good, it’s about giving it a go. My attitude has changed and now I’ll try. If something doesn’t work, try a different approach. Still not working? Then, I may be heard calling for Mr. Simply Homemade. We’re DIY’ing and upcycling all around us. Mr. Simply Homemade has even built a shed, the majority of the materials being repurposed.

A corner unit, once brown and not very loved, given a new lease of life and loved so much, other furniture was painted and adorned to match.

This is the new shed. Mr. Simply Homemade built it himself and it is mostly up cycled materials. All of the wood, most of the roof, he even made the door himself. He bought the blocks you see at the bottom, the hinges and locks for the door and various screws/nails. Everything else we had.
Don’t rush into buying new, don’t discard something because it’s lost one use, it may well be ideal for something else.


My little baking business is doing well. Truthfully, I am blown away at how well it’s taking off, I really didn’t expect it. I was very privileged to bake, as did many others, for a charity event in September. My sister hosted Alfie’s Tea Party in memory of her beautiful baby son. All money raised will go to Féileceáin.

Life with Animals

Up to a few months ago, we had a cat. One cat, called Stripes. We’ve had her for at least 10 years. She’s incredibly loyal. Now we have hens, rabbits, and two dogs as well as Stripes!!

Hens – I’ve always wanted hens, have talked about it for years. A couple of months ago I stopped talking and bought a chicken coop. Having never owned my own hens, I decided the first few I would own would be bought from a good poultry farm. So once I had everything in place and ready to go, off we went to Kehoe’s poultry farm in New Ross and brought home four fabulous feathered friends. Mr. S/H built a run, though they come out when we’re home and potter about the garden, living their best life. We plan on extending the run, building another coop and rescuing some hens next year. If you’ve ever thought about having hens but haven’t quite taken the plunge yet, I cannot recommend it enough.

Penny Feather – a quiet sort, doesn’t ruffle any feathers, lays an egg every day & gets on well with the other gals
Lady Sunny Booquet – The hen with notions! Lady Sunny roams with her head poised, feathers high and more swagger than Beyoncé. She takes no nonsense and only mixes with the other girls when it suits her. She’s wonderful.













Defiant Daisy – Daisy took longer to settle in than her coop mates. She flew the coop on more than one occasion, threw a few teenage strops and had more than one run in with Lady Sunny. Luckily, has time progressed she settled down, and is a happy hen, first in line for treats and naturally, first out the door when it’s opened!
Happy Heidi Huggle Hen – Ah Heidi, the happiest hen in the world. She is an absolute pet. She nearly talks to us, follows the small boy around the garden, plays with him, happily lets him give her endless cuddles and is just a little dote. She’s been curious from the start, there isn’t much that escapes her attention. Playful, chatty and full of personality; that’s Heidi.















Rabbits – My brother in law was looking for a new home for his old rabbit hutch. It came here. The children insisted if we had a hutch we needed to put rabbits in it. So we did. Peter Rabbit and Flopsy Rabbit joined the fold.

Our small girl was upset we brought home two boys, she really wished for a boy and a girl rabbit. I explained that the pet shop only had boys in on that day. Truthfully, I made sure the man in the pet shop was 110% certain that he was selling me, two boys, I did not want to wake up some morning to find 50 rabbits in the hutch!!

Dogs – We’d discussed a dog on and off over the years. I would often see little pooches come up for adoption on the ISPCA pages and my heart would ache for the poor little things. Then, I was on Facebook one day and I saw two photos and I was just drawn to them. I read about them and one, in particular, sounded ideal for our family. I still couldn’t get the other out of my mind but when I contacted the North Wexford Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, it was about the first dog. Her name was Sophie, her surrender to the NWSPCA had been a very sad and reluctant one. She’s been very much loved. As the story progressed I learned that Sophie was with her mother, they did everything together, were very close and while they lovely people looking after them in NWSPCA knew they’d be unlikely to rehome them together, it would have been an ideal scenario.
As it transpired, Sophie’s mother was Bella, the other dog whom I’d been drawn to and couldn’t get off my mind. It really was fate. Bella & Sophie came to us for a trial period. We had a couple of teething issues but now, they are very much loved and part of our family.

Bella, a Collie X is energetic, enthusiastic, playful & extremely affectionate. Sophie, a Collie/Corgi X, is less energetic, a nervous soul, would rather watch the playing, loves her comfort and is also very affectionate. They’re complete charmers the pair of them.


We had Alfie’s Tea Party back in September, my sister and her husband did a phenomenal job, it was a wonderful day and in total, they raised well over €7000 for Féileacáin. To host this event following the most heartbreaking time in their life, well, it’s awe inspiring.

The addition of all of the animals has meant much more time outdoors, from sunrise to sundown,  which is wonderful for us all.

The early bird bakes the bread, feeds the cat, lets out the hens, brings the dogs for a pee, takes pictures of the moon, puts on the kettle & needs a nap!


Blackberries have been in abundance in our garden this year. What hasn’t been fed to the hens by the small boy were turned into crumble for us!

Our seasonal bowl continues to feature and my small girl and her friend had a lovely afternoon in Johnstown Castle collecting Autumn pieces to fill the bowl.

We paid our annual visit to Ballycross Farm last weekend, this really does signify Autumn, it’s a super fun afternoon for all the family. It is also picture perfect, so ideal for those Instagram snaps!

With all of that in real life, there’s been little time for my little blog here, and that’s okay. It’s not going anywhere, it forgives me when I’ve not been where a while, it’s understanding, as are you I’m sure.


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