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Lilac in Black & White

Caoimhe is on the blog today sharing her thoughts on the debut novel for children by Christine Doran entitled Lilac in Black & White.




Recently I read Lilac in Black & White by Christine Doran. This book is about a 10 year old girl called Lilac who lives by the sea;  and her relationships with her friends Agatha and Margery, her parents, her teachers and her faithful dog Guzzler.

Lilac’s best friend Margery moves away to Canada leaving Lilac feeling very lonely. A new girl called Agatha moves to the area and joins Lilac’s school. Even though Agatha is afraid of dogs, the girls soon become good friends.

On a school trip to the local Aquarium Lilac notices the penguins and thinks they have a bad habitat. She decides to try and help and embarks on a mission to rescue them

I really enjoyed Lilac and will be recommending it to my friends. I think they’d all enjoy it too.


Christine Doran also grew up by the sea in Dublin before moving to the United States where she now lives. Lilac in Black & White is book one of three for girls aged 9-12 (&up!) Keep up with Christine and Lilac on Lilac the Girl

Disclaimer: We bought our own copy of Lilac in Black & White, we were not asked to review it. It really is a super book and both myself (yes, I read it too!) and Caoimhe genuinely enjoyed it.

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