Little Miss Abbie’s Birthday

Today Abbie celebrated her 3rd birthday.


She has been anticipating this day with such excitement. At the age of 3, my little fairy knows exactly what she wants. Her wish list was quite specific.

A pink sparkly balloon with a pink streamer

Pink Balloon

Minnie Mouse Walkie Talkies.

walkie talkies

Have some fun on the beach.

Fun on beach

Abbie loves the beach, she doesn’t need the sun to be shining or have a bucket & spade to hand. She is quite happy to run around, gather shells & pretty stones and very cautiously venture near the waters edge. It would seem the beach is her favourite place to go. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful choice of beaches where we live.

Go to a Playground.

The Playground

This isn’t a request we get from any of the children very often, they all tend to prefer running wild on the beach, however, all week in the run up to her birthday, Abbie insisted she was going to the playground to play on the swings and the slide; so that is what we did.

A cake with Sofia the First, Doc Mc Stuffins, Frozen, Fireman Sam and pink icing.

Birthday cake

She has said for weeks what she wanted on her cake and not once did she change her mind. I’ve said it before, I can make many cakes, but adorn them with beautifully crafted, edible decorations I can not. So, as with many occasions previously,  I contacted Gemma from Topcake Ireland with a photo Abbie helped me create with her requested characters and we ordered a topper. These are great, so handy and Gemma provides a very prompt, reliable service. The cake itself is one I have made before, Donal Skehan’s Naughty Chocolate Fudge cake, it really is a most delicious cake.

Pink Cupcakes


No birthday is complete without cupcakes, so when she requested them I had to oblige. I made orange flavoured cupcakes, with an orange buttercream and topped with pink fondant decorations. Abbie was delighted; ‘Thank you Momma, they’re just perfect’!! She didn’t actually eat any of the cupcakes herself, she only ate the icing and decorations, Harry however ate the cakes…….his and hers!!

Have a little party with ‘crips’

party food

In our house, a cake and candles means it’s a party. Along with her much longed for cake & pink cupcakes, Abbie also asked for ‘crips’ (that’s crisps to you & me) She likes crisps, we only have them once in a while as a treat. Everyone deserves a treat on their birthday!


Have lots of fun.

The last thing on my little girl’s list was to quite simply, have lots of fun, and this she assures me is something she did have.

So there we have it, my littlest girl, my little fairy, the one who is with me from the moment she wakes (which can be extremely early!) until the moment she sleeps; is now 3.


Everyday she’s becoming that little bit more independent, continuously telling me she’s a ‘big girl now’, she wants a knife as well as a fork, a proper glass instead of a ‘baby’ one, she wants to do pretty much everything for herself or at least give it a good try.

My baby girl is growing up.529813_375083075856760_1402553813_n

Happy Birthday

My beautiful, kind & sweet

Little Miss Abbie


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