A Few More #littlevoices

I published the first #littlevoices post Monday and following that I was kindly provided some quotes from friends children which I have compiled here. Children really are the funniest of people. #littlevoicesTaylor, aged 3, didn’t want to be disturbed from what he was doing and so, said to his Mum, Niamh: ‘Please leave me alone, I’m having a moment’

Caroline was bringing Jamie, aged 4, to a party when he told her: ‘I’m like chocolate; smooth and the girls love me’

When Olivia asked Holly, aged 3, why she was crying, she declared: ‘My shadow is gone’

Catriona, who is expecting her third baby,  had some very exciting news to share with her children, Jack, aged 8 & Ellie, aged 3, the new baby is a boy. Ellie is thrilled, she will remain the princess and get to rule the house, Jack was also thrilled, he said; ‘One Ellie is bad enough!!’

My own little fairy, Abbie, almost had a meltdown this evening, she was screaming, ‘He squashed it, he squashed it, Jack squashed it!’ I asked her what did he squash, ‘My slipper’ Oh…..


Thank you very much Niamh, Caroline, Olivia and Catriona for sharing your children’s #littlevoices, I’ve no doubt they will share many more entertaining snippets with you.

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