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Two years ago, Mi Street Food opened its doors to the people of Wexford and from that day things have gone from strength to strength for Tony & his team.

Since opening the doors last year in Wexford Town Mi, pronounced “me”, meaning “rice” has been taking street food to another level and were delighted to have been nominated for a number of awards which led to Mi actually taking home the award for best newcomer Wexford in the Irish Food Awards 2017.

We’re not strangers to Mi, my daughter can be regularly heard muttering, ‘I’d love a Mi Pad Thai right now’ While that could be a reflection on my dinner table offerings, I prefer to think it’s more on Tony Yu and the fabulous, fresh food he is producing.

Inspired by Asian street food, executive chef Tony Yu has created a menu that is an eclectic fusion of Asian ingredients & vibrant flavours that will take you on a journey around the entire Asia Region.


Customer care is extremely important to the team at Mi Street Food and with their second birthday approaching they decided they’d make a day of it. Such was the interest in their celebrating their success, that day turned into a week of revelry including cooking demos, masterclasses, and last nights VIP Celebration Dinner.

The VIP Dinner was by invitation only so it was a real treat to attend. When we arrived into Mi, the surprises started straight away with cool goodie bags waiting for us.

It would be remiss of me not to mention that sauce you see in the picture. We sampled this last night with crackers. It is gorgeous, really packs a punch.

The menu for the evening had an excellent range of options, with something tasty for everyone.

I could not resist trying the Sushi Pizza to start. Oh, my….oh my my my…..it is divine! That’s all. It’s so flavourful, so fresh. It looks like a work of art and it is simply tantalizing. I’ve only tried sushi once before, it was not a patch on this. Tony has brought Sushi to Wexford and anyone who follows suit will have to work hard to meet the standard he has set.
My dining companions had the Kung Pao Baby Back Ribs and the Goyza. There were clear plates and compliments all around.

For the main course, I had King Prawn Cashew Delight with Noodles. This again was just delicious. We could pick out individual flavours, the prawns were in abundance, the vegetables so fresh and vibrant; this dish was a real feast for the senses.

At our table, we also had the Hati Ayam Chicken and Yakitori Duck. Both dishes were thoroughly enjoyed.


We finished our meal with Cheesecake, Ferrero Rocher for two of us, Malteasers for the other two. What can I say? The plates went back clean!!

I can’t fault the entire evening in Mi. From the moment we went in the staff, as they always are, were welcoming and friendly, professional and attentive. Whilst we waited for everyone to arrive, Tony’s children entertained us with traditional Asian music. There was a really positive vibe. If you haven’t been to Mi Street Food I would urge you to give it a go. We’ve been in the past, we were privileged to attend last night and we will be back countless times in the future. (My teenager is tempted to move in!)


For me, when I go out for food, I want to be certain I am getting good, fresh, well-cooked food for my money. Eating out is a treat, I want something cooked by someone who knows what they’re doing. Tony Yu, is a connoisseur of flavour, has impeccable knife skills and welcome diners with open arms. As the motto goes; live it, love it, enjoy it and that he does.

Disclaimer: I was a guest at the Mi Street Food Two Year Celebration Party, as were all the diners. I was under no obligation to provide a review. As always, this is my honest opnion. We have eaten in Mi prior to this night, and we will in future.


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