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Love Lives Here

The tween has extended her crafts to the garden, much to my delight. I mentioned previously that we have a lot of stone in our garden from a cottage that was here previous to our home being built.

Caoimhe has taken one of those stones and transformed it into a beautiful piece of craft that is now sitting pretty on our front door step.


I reckon to buy something like this in a garden centre would cost quite a lot of money, mine cost very little in the way of money and the time spent on it was time my daughter enjoyed, and as you can see, very productive. I had bought the little tin of paint for little more than €2 on a bargain shelf in Woodies, the varnish had been bought because we needed it elsewhere.



Caoimhe painted the stone with one coat of the Sapling Green, which is a gorgeous shade I think. Then using her own water colour paints, she inscribed the words, Love Lives Here, and added to pale pink hearts, one of which sits inside the walls of a house. Then she added a top coat of varnish to protect it outdoors.


I absolutely love it, it is simply beautiful and I love the little message she has adorned it with. Love does indeed live here.

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