My May & June Reads

May was a slow reading month for me so I’ve combined it with June for my monthly book update. I hope you find something to read amongst these reviews, there are some real gems in here.

The Women by Alice Taylor

‘We walk in the footprints of great women, women who lived through hard times on farms, in villages, towns and cities. The lives of these women are an untold story. This book is a celebration of the often forgotten “ordinary” women. The women who gave so much to our society.’

This is such a lovely read and very apt for our current climate. It is a warm, moving tribute to the women of our history, not the famous women, but the real woman. The women who shaped who we are today.

Our Little Secret by Claudia Carroll


Sarah Keyes is separated from her husband, shares her home with her 16-year-old daughter, has a demanding job as a lawyer and provides legal aid to residents of Mount Joy in her spare time. She’s under pressure, financially and time-wise. When she has a rare treat in the beauticians she befriends the manicurist, Lauren, who tells a tale of woe and the events that unfold from this friendship have a detrimental effect on not only Lauren, but her family, friends, and workplace.

I really enjoyed Our Little Secret, it was a nice easy read. At times I wanted to throttle Lauren and give Sarah a good shake.

One Click by Andrea Mara

Lauren is on holiday in Italy with her daughters when she posts a photo of a lone woman on the beach online. Her daughters are surprised at their Mum posting a photo without consent. Lauren doesn’t actually think too much of it until she starts receiving anonymous messages about it. She confesses to Cleo, the lady from the photo. Cleo has her own theory but Lauren isn’t convinced. As the messages become more personal and menacing she goes to the Gardaí. Then she makes a very small mistake with huge consequences…….

I loved One Click, and have a more in-depth review if you need a little more!

Kindness: The Little Things That Matter Most by Jamie Thurston

Jaime Thurston is the founder of 52 Lives – a charity and global movement that aims to change a life every week and spread kindness.

This is a lovely book that aims to show the difference that one small act of kindness can make. What I love too is that it shows that an act of kindness does not come with a monetary value. Ask someone how they are, really how they are. Give up your seat on the train. Offer a kind word, be the better person.
I really enjoyed this book. It’s a quick read with big impact.

The Anniversary by Róisín Meaney

A NetGalley Review

Lily & Charlie have separated after 26 years of marriage. Charlie is now with much younger Chloé and Lily is engaged to solid, dependable Joe. Following the death of her Mother, Lily gathers the family, her daughter Poll, son Thomas together at her family home, Lands End to break some news to them.
The weekend is filled with drama and amidst it all, they’ve forgotten that it’s also the weekend of Charlie & Lily’s anniversary.

As a long time fan of Róisín Meaney, I thoroughly enjoyed this.


Secrets & Lies by Sinéad Moriarty

A NetGalley Review

We start with a young Lucy Murphy, pursuing her dreams in College. Events occur that change the course of her life forever.
Fast forward some years and Lucy’s twins receive scholarships to attend the most prestigious school in the country. As Lucy is determined her children live her dreams, she fails to see what is happening in front of her which has heartbreaking consequences.

I loved this, it was heartbreaking but heartwarming in equal measure. While Lucy is the central character, the entire family were portrayed as much more than fringe characters. It is a beautifully written novel that depicts a wonderful tight-knit family that sticks together.


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