Moments from September

September has been a busy and expensive month. It always is isn’t it? The back to school costs seem to increase every year.

Moments from.....with The Simply

Back to school did prove to be a little exciting this year however as our smallest girl started playschool, she had a ball on her First Day and has been having great fun ever since, she loves it.


Her side kick, our Cuddlemonster has had a little trouble adjusting to those mornings with out his pal however and needed some serious cheering up on that first day so we got busy in the kitchen making cookies, as you do!


As I got to spend time with my little boy, playing and having fun, another little boy a similar age to mine could not have been living a life more different. Tragically, his life was cut short in the most unimaginable way, with the image of his lifeless body, looking asleep, etched on my mind I wrote this piece for the Irish Parenting Bloggers #ReadFeelAct blog hop to raise awareness for a hugely successful Virtual Coffee Morning that raised a lot of money for the Ireland Calais Refugee Solidarity Campaign.


We had a bit of trouble in the Simply Homemade kitchen in September when my beloved cooker gave up the ghost, it has now been replaced. Having to buy own bread for a few weeks opened my eyes to how expensive it is to buy bread all the time, bread almost broke me!

Just before the new cooker took up residence in my kitchen I did look back at some of the delights that were conjured up in the old one over the years, it served me well for a long time.


After 31/2 years with very little sleep, deprivation got the better of me and after a tired moan to my fellow parenting bloggers one fraught morning, my dear blogging friend Niamh stepped in with some fabulous advice and we are, at long last, having full nights sleep! I cannot believe it, check out the post here and if you need help with an mini night owl, you will find links to Niamh’s website and book.


And finally, I learned a little lesson this month, if small people are not all that eager when Mum suggests crafting on a Monday morning, follow their lead!! The title of the post said it all, WTF Was I Thinking Suggesting Crafts on a Monday?!


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