Mr Simply Homemade is……another year older!!

Today is Mr. Simply Homemade’s birthday.

These days for our birthdays we tend to cook nice meals and enjoy them with the children. Today was no exception.

For breakfast I cooked him eggs benedict, he’s partial to eggs in any shape for form, this, however, was a nice treat as we don’t make it all that often.


Despite today signalling the arrival of spring, our weather continues to be icy cold so we wanted something heartwarming for lunch. A beef casserole, the recipe for which is from Hemsley & Hemsley, ¬†fit the bill perfectly, served up with broccoli and perfect mash, it was a delicious wholesome meal. Four of us thoroughly enjoyed it, the fussy boy wouldn’t entertain it, my fairy girl ate two scoops of mash and her beef, she left her veg but did declare that she had the ‘best ‘otatoes ever Mom’; so it was ok!! ūüėČ My poor toddler boy is teething and upset so as we ate dinner, he threw a tantrum and refused to eat anything.


In case you’re wondering how to make the Perfect Mash, here’s how. First of all, use Rooster potatoes. Steam or boil them, whatever your preference. Then sit them in a colander to dry a little and warm some milk and butter in a large saucepan, through in a good pinch of nutmeg and pepper (I don’t use salt to season the children’s food) Add the potatoes and mash, add more butter if they need them and more milk if necessary too, turn off the heat when you’ve finished adding the milk and butter. And mash until you have a deliciously creamy mash. Personally, I’m not mad on potatoes but these are very nice as a treat. We don’t add a lot of butter on a ‘normal’ day.

Oh and I must stress, this is real proper, Irish butter, nothing else will do!

¬†Mr. S/H suggested instead of a birthday cake, that I would make something more along the lines of a dessert, so that’s what I did. I had come across a recipe a while back that I was only waiting for an excuse to make, these were perfect for today.

Caramel Chocolate Slices from Deliciously Ella. I made these Friday night with my daughter, she was positively drooling. At one point she convinced herself they were talking to her, inviting her to try them lol! I cannot find any fault with these. Everyone, even our fussy eater, loved them. Mr. S/H was delighted with them, they were absolutely delicious. (And better again, they make a good amount so I have a stash in the freezer!! Happy Days!!)


We kept tea quite simple and had a prawn cocktail with homemade mayo (recipe available here) and soda bread. It was lovely and light.


Next on the agenda is kids to bed and a glass of wine to toast my lovely Mr. Simply Homemade <3

Happy Birthday toThe Man of my lifeThe

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