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I can’t quite believe the August & Summer holidays have come to a close. The children have been back in school a few days now and we’ve slipped back into a routine as though we never had a break from it. I didn’t do a whole lot of reading during August as the evenings were spent with children and animals. As the cool, welcome evenings of Autumn descend, I’m sure more pages shall turn and books shall be loved.

Body Positive Power by Megan Jayne Crabbe

How to stop dieting, make peace with your body and live

Megan’s body issues started when she was just five years old. She spent her childhood years and early teens chasing thin. At just 14, she was diagnosed with anorexia. Her story could continue to be one of sadness and torment but thankfully it doesn’t.
Megan discovered body positivity. We are good enough as we are here and now. She hasn’t looked back, instead, she spreads a wonderful message far and wide.
This book, littered with alarming facts, was such a good read. We are worthy, we are enough. I really enjoyed it and took a lot from it.

Women Behaving Badly by Frances Garrood

A NetGalley Review

Three women, three affairs, and a self-help group with a difference… 

Three very different women form an unlikely bond when they meet at a support group run by the local priest. Brought together by their common interest, extramarital affairs, which is deeply frowned upon, by the Catholic church, Mavis Alice & Gabs continue to meet outside the ‘support’ group.
Alice is a single mother to Finn. Finns Dad Trot is more of a thorn in her side than a support and then there’s Jay. Jay is the love of her life. Jay also happens to be married.
Mavis comes across as the most vulnerable of the three women. Her days are spent juggling work and caring for her elderly Mother Maudie, who happens to be a wonderful character in my opinion. Her boss Mr. Strong is less than sympathetic to Mavis’ situation despite her loyalty to him. Clifford, her hypochondriac lover, is even less so. Self-absorbed Clifford and his constant complaints are fast losing appeal for harrassed Mavis.
Then we have Gabs, who cares for the elderly. She also happens to be a high-class escort, is fast losing patience with her sister Steph and has fallen for the wrong man.
I really enjoyed Women Behaving Badly. It was so lovely to see the unlikely bond form between these three women who emerged wonderfully strong and taking control.

Recipe for Life; The Autobiography by Mary Berry

Mary Berry, she’s the queen of baking, a total sweetheart and very much missed on the Great British Bake off!
I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Mary’s life. She’s been dealt some incredibly tough cards, from Polio at 13 to losing her wonderful son William in tragic circumstances. She is a wonderful lady who has lead a fascinating and very full life.
The recipes at the end of each chapter are a lovely touch. Definitely, another read I’d recommend.

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