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For quite a while now I have wanted a little creative corner for myself, nothing massive just enough space where I could get crafty and not have to clear everything away in a hurry. Kitchen table crafting is great until everybody wants their dinner.

My budget for my space was limited, very limited indeed. Truth be told, I didn’t have one. So what did I do? Well, I waited. We’re a household of seven who work on a tight budget, the reality is, most things outside of that budget are either needs or wants. The needs must be looked after, the wants ‘need’ to wait (see what I did there!)

Never fear, of course, all good things come to those who wait! Now I have my creative space and I love it. I often just look at it, not daring to sit down and create in case I draw attention to it and all of a sudden my space is mine no more!

The main part of my space is the desk, and this is where the expense came in. I looked online for something second hand that I could upcycle, however, I was in for a shock. The second-hand idea wasn’t fruitful, people were after a lot of money for old desks. I decided I would instead buy the Brusali Desk from Ikea. I chose this one because my daughter already has one and it is a good quality, solid desk. It’s white in colour which I’m happy with so I didn’t have to paint it. I was able to have it delivered too, sparing me a visit to Ikea. Including delivery, the total cost of the desk was €57.50.

The chair I use in my space is an upcycled one. I found four preloved chairs a few years ago for €40. They were a real bargain. We snapped them up and painted them in four different colours. I love the pink one here, it fits in perfectly.

I wanted a shelf to go above the desk. We had taken one down from a wall upstairs last year so I primed it and painted with a tester pot I had in my collection of ‘stuff’. Then Mr Simply Homemade got the drill out. He did a grand job, it’s still on the wall!

I had a basket that was overflowing with bits & bobs. I still have it but the pressure on it has eased somewhat with the addition of button jars and storage pots on my shelf.

My fabric squares were taken from the bag in which they sat and now have their own little ‘drawer’. I had a clementine box left over after Christmas which has been upcycled into something useful.

Craft Drawer

I have some books that I like to dip in and out of, read a page here and there. These are kept here now to inspire me.

My beloved Book of Days journals from the last few years also added to my inspiration. Emily, the wonderful artist who creates these books, is so inspiring. The artwork from the books is perfect here, and Emily has very kindly sent me more to add to what I have. I’m excited to get them framed and on the wall above the shelf.


I adore this one in particular

My cottage lamp is right at home here. I’ve had this a couple of years now and I love it as much now as I did when I bought it. It’s very ‘me’.

I love this space of mine. It has been great fun to put together. It has the light of the sun all day long making it a pleasure to sit and jot down ideas, make something, continue a project or just flick through my books.


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2 thoughts on “My Creative Space

  1. Oh *squeak*!! I didn’t expect that when I came to drool over your incredibly beautiful and calming space 🙂 I’m so glad, and it really is so well deserved, may your crafting days and nights be bountiful and joyous. xxxxxxxx

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