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Do you remember I vowed to spend more time in my garden? Well, I’ve been true to my word and been doing just that. Hardly a day has gone by in the last while where I haven’t done some little thing. Along with Mr. Simply Homemade; I have planted, weeded, cut back, cleared overgrown spaces, made plans, abandoned plans, cut grass and gotten a healthy sun kissed glow!!

We have been busy and loved it. Our up-cycled kitchen garden is sprouting little green shoots and my salad leaves are peeking over the edge of the pot.

Salad & Herbs
Salad Leaves & Herbs

I had planted some little bedding flowers in my Mam’s old baking tins which I up-cycled. If I’m honest I didn’t expect much from these but now they are starting to bloom some lovely colour to my precious little corner.

Plant Pots
Blooming Lovely

One of the jobs on my list of things to do in the back garden is to make more of a feature of this Beech tree we bought for Mr. Simply Homemade eight years ago. It was no more than a twig then and has really thrived.

Mr. Simply Homemade’s Beech Tree

In the front garden Mr. Simply Homemade extended a stone wall at the front. I spoke about these stone walls on SnapchatWhen we bought our site there was an old cottage on it. We were instructed to demolish the cottage and build further back. We decided to keep the stone from the cottage and put it to use in the garden. It had been a part of the place for so long, it would have been a shame to get rid of it. Our brother in law built the stone walls either side of the front garden. They’re super impressive and like those you would see in the west of Ireland. He built them using no cement, they are literally lying on top of one another. They are surprisingly sturdy, have battled the elements now for 11 years and not fallen down!!

We uncovered an old ‘pillar’ by the front fence. It is actually an old railway sleeper. I have absolutely no idea how long it has been there, it is where the old entrance gate was, so I am guessing more than 30 years! It is still very sturdy in the ground so we are going to paint it and make more of a feature of it.

I am thrilled with the flowers on my rhododendron. This is actually the first year this has flowered and look at all of those beautiful blooms. I had lost all hope for it but it has proved me wrong much to my delight.

Rhododendron blooms

Flowers are blooming left right and centre, adding some beautiful splashes of colour. It’s so beautiful.

Seasoned gardeners, who spend hours on end manicuring and preening to within an inch would probably be reduced to tears in our garden but the more time I spend in it, the more I love it and appreciate the natural feel of it.


The garden attracts a myriad of wildlife; there is always a chorus of birdsong to be heard, the bees and butterflies arrive in abundance.

Bumble Bee
A Bumble Bee busy at work

While some of the more common wildflowers are referred to as weeds, I think they are fabulous!


I am delighted my love affair with my garden has continued and I am looking forward to many more happy afternoons pottering about among the blooms with the children playing happily or joining in with my tasks.




  1. Nicola, the garden is looking gorgeous! I’m so pleased for you. I feel the same about our garden. the more time I spend in it, the more attached I get to it.

    1. Thank you Fionnuala 🙂 It’s such a pleasure to be spending so much time outdoors. It’s great to step back and see the results of a therapeutic days work!

  2. Fab garden and absolutely beautiful pictures, you come across so happy and content sounds like you’re really enjoying being out in it 🙂

    1. Thank you Sara, I have to say I am! A few years ago, had you paid me I’d have found an excuse not to garden!!

      1. I like the idea of gardening but I know it’s hard work, my nanny has a fabulous garden 🙂

  3. Looks beautiful Nicola. I always feel so much better after a little time working in the garden, I must get back to it more!

    1. Thanks Naomi 🙂 Its such hard work but so rewarding!

  4. Helen Ivory

    Gardening is hard work but I find its great therapy especially when your stressed out. Your garden is lovely, I have gone back to planting the old cottage garden plants, there is so much colour.

    1. Thank you very much. It is indeed very therapeutic.

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